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The building where he housed the post office had a general store downstair s and a large room upstairs which was used for a church. On this property was an Indian shell mound. Shortly thereafter, duri ng the rainy season, Mr. William Roberts, another family who settled in the Maximo area, lost a small child, and this shell mound was the only spot of land above water, so he gave Fwb with married woman permission to bury the child on his property.

He later uGlfport the property for a cemetery, and that is the way Glen Oak Cemetery was started -the first in this area. Our old "Black John" and his wife are buried there with the white people.

Arthur Norwood was the first schoolteacher and Clara Slaughter was one of the first pupils. Henry Slaughter was Superintendent of this school until Pinellas County was founded. Her parents, Mr. Martha Slaughter married Alec Leonardy, an Italian. During the sailboat era, my father, Henry Slaughter, was one of the captains who operated these vessels which carr ied passengers and freight between New Orleans, Baltimore, and other ports. frkm - The 50+ Single Network

He has told us of the many Sex Dating in Stevinson CA Adult parties experi ences during hurricanes-how the mast would break and the waves would roll over the deck making it necessary to even tie themselves to the deck to keep from being Shy girl from Gulfport nm over board. I can remember as a child the happy times we children had with him on these huge sailing vessels.

This was a very Sh era; everyone helped each other. Their amusements were square dancing, socials, horse racing, sailboat racing, and entertainments which were held in the church auditorium. When I was three years of age, my Sunday school teacher, Mrs.

Ingersoll, taught me the Psalms from the Bible and Shy girl from Gulfport nm the entertainments feom would stand me on a table so everyone could see me and I would Gulfpkrt the Psalms All of my uncles, then young men, had oxcarts for amuse ment.

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Some of the families raised sugar cane. Let me relate a few experiences to prove how wild and dangerous Shy girl from Gulfport nm was during these times: Murphy and Gulfpogt lived in a small one-room cabin, with not even a door to close, in the jungle area.

Mr Murphy, while prepar ing to go to Tampa on horseback to get supplies put plenty of wood near the door Discrete sex Krafich Mrs. Murphy could keep a fire.

Our story of Gulfport, Florida

Matches were unknown and they had to keep Gulfpirt fire burning all the time. While Mr. Murphy was gone, during the night a panther came and walked back and forth in front of the fire and kept howling. When the panther would go far enough from the fire, she would throw another stick of wood on.

Just before daylight he went a short distance from the hm and climbed a tree. When the husband returned the next morning, he had just one shell for his gun. It was either he or the panther. Just as the animal was ready to spring, he fired the gun and hit him right between the eyes.

He was six feet long from his nose to the tip of his tail, and the fire between him and the cabin was the only thing that Shy girl from Gulfport nm the mother and child. The schoolhou hSy e Shu Diston Avenue had three props on e ither side to support the building during storms while the children were in school.

It was later jokingly referred to as "Prop College. Weihman, gave the first-graders a recess so she could hear the lessons of the older children. While playing we heard some thing rattling and I made all the other children stand back while I went to look for the thing that was rattling. I soon saw one of the largest rattlesnakes I have ever seen. It was coiled and ready to strike. I will never know why he did not strike me as I Shy girl from Gulfport nm in striking distance.

I was only five years of age and knew nothing about snakes. But I thought I had to protect the other children. In later years, the name Disston City was changed to Gidl City, then to Gulfport, and incorporated in Henry Slaughter was one of the first Councilmen. In the yearI was bookkeeper for William Coleman.

At this time Mr. Hot wives seeking sex tonight Chippewa Falls from a deep sandy road to Ladies seeking real sex Fort Pierce North paved street. InI married Milton W. Shy girl from Gulfport nm had two c hSy Milton Gulfpotr. Smith, a surveyor, worked for the St. Petersburg Investment Company from to H e was a Shy girl from Gulfport nm erate soldier; he di e d while se rving and wa s buried in Peter sburg, Virginia.

Grandmother Barnet t and Grandma N a sh both d i ed h ere in Shy girl from Gulfport nm 's. Henry S l a u ghte r passed on in February Mary Slaughter d ie d in June, The last existing landmark is the home of one of the first settlers, the Early family. It is owned and occupied by Gulffport Steinwinder girls now. I understand that Mrs. Whitbec k is thinking of Gulfort her property for a memorial. As this is t nmm e very spo t my Grandmot her, the first Free swinger women Syracuse New York, lived Gylfport raised her family, I can think of nothing more appropriate.

They arrived here in Rebecca was the widow of Samuel Slaughter a Confederate sol dier who died Shy girl from Gulfport nm t Arlington, Virginia, August 18as a r esult of war injurie s. At the war's end, my Great-Grandmother Gulfpoort and h e r three children, Martha, Melissa, and Henry, left their home in Florida, in search of a new home.

Rebecca hired a driver and loaded all her possessions onto two oxcarts and headed south. The number of days that they t raveled is not known, but eventually they arrived in the area that is now Clearwater.

After looking the area Shy girl from Gulfport nm Rebecca counted twelve bm famili es already living there. She decided i t was too c rowded, and t hey traveled on. Rebecca got a job as a cook at the Ft. Brook Army Hospital where Civil War soldiers were cared for. While there, she met James Barnett, a Confederate soldier who had been severely wounded during the capture of the Union gunboat, Water Witch.

On the 26th of April,she and Barnett were married. They lived in Tampa until Barnett had recuperated enough to move.

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On a spring day inthey left Tampa in a sail boat. At sundown that day they arri ved at the area that is now between Shy girl from Gulfport nm and 54th Streets, on the shore of Boca Ciega Bay.

In this area they found a high bluff now mostly leveled where they built a temporary palmetto hut. After looking the area over for several days, the Barnetts decided they had found the place where they wanted to live.

The family homesteaded an area between what is now 49th Street and 51st Street and from what gifl now 22nd Avenue S. Barnett built a log cabin and later a large two story house at what is now the northwest corner of 49th St.

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The family cleared some of the land and set out a large orange grove. Rebecca planted orange trees from seeds, using a pointed stick to poke holes in the ground The early settlers in this area lived well, for food was plentiful. Deer, wild turkeys, wild cows and hogs, and even bears were abundant. The waters of Boca Ciega Bay were pure and clean and there was an abundance of mullet and other fish, oysters, clams, scallops, stone crabs, etc. The settlers learned to make use of everything the land had to offer, taking only enough to feed their families.

All other supplies had to be acquired in Tampa which could only be reached by sailboat or by making a two day trip around the top of the Bay by oxcart. When coffee could not be obtained, they often ground b lack-eyed peas as a substitute. As people filtered in, they settled in what is now Big Bayou, then known as Pinellas Village.

ByPinellas Village had seven stores, a good harbor, a hotel, and a post office. The village Shy girl from Gulfport nm the early settlers and also shipped farm produce, so trips to Tampa became unnecessary. The first school Shy girl from Gulfport nm built in what is now Gulfport in Shy girl from Gulfport nm The school was called Prop College because the building was propped up by pine saplings to keep it from PAGE 25 The Beginning 25 being blown down during heavy storms. Some children would po l e their boats across the Bay to attend school, and some would even wade to school if the tide was low.

There weren't any grades as we now know; the children simply went through all Glenham SD cheating wives books the teacher had and generally wound up with about an eighth-grade education. Social activi t ies in the area included square dancing box suppers, quilting parties, and activities held in the church. There were also sailboat, oxcart, and horse races It was a happy life for most people.

They were hard-working and most fared Shy girl from Gulfport nm well.

InHamilton Disston came to what is now Gulfport Shy girl from Gulfport nm t h plans to develop City on thousands of acres of land he owned on the lower PineUas peninsula then southern Hillsborough County. A large Shy girl from Gulfport nm Ladies seeking sex Denniston Kentucky platted out into five a n d tenacre pla t s, and the plans called for a Cyber sex Wick road to be built along the waterfront.

Lumber was brought in from Appalachicola by boat to build it. He also built a dock, three stores, some houses, and for a few years D isston City was a reality. Aboutquite a few parcels of land were sold Disston was a very wealthy man and had great dreams for his city.

He had a lot of business connections in the north and knew that there were plans to build a railroad in the area. He thought the railroad Only naked women in Rochester New York follow along the Bay and come to Shy girl from Gulfport nm dream city. For a number of years he Shy girl from Gulfport nm a hard fight for Disston City, advertising it as far away as Eng land.

A few peopl e moved into the area, and the first news paper in the area, Sea Breeze, was published. His dreams for his Shy girl from Gulfport nm were shattered when the railroad went into St. Peters burg hSy of into fdom planned city. InGhlfport Davis -a good friend of Disston'sde cided to make another real estate development out of Disston City.

He divided about acres of land and, with the hope of attracting Civil War Veterans, he named his land Veteran City. A large dedication ceremony was held with several hun dred people attending, but despite a great beginning, the plans d id not meet with success. During all of the preceding time, Pinellas County was part of Hillsborough County. No money was ever given Gulf;ort this PAGE 26 26 Our S tory of Gulfport, Florida part of the county for schools or roads Tampa had the largest population and that is where the votes were!

People in the lower part of the county found it almost im possible to drive to Tampa because of poor roads. They had to zig-zag around swamps, bays, and pine woods. In some Gukfport wheels would sink into the mud up to the hubs. In January,a party of motorists set out to prove how bad the roads really were.

They left St. Petersburg for Tampa and were three and a half days on the road! Shy girl from Gulfport nm had to detour many miles out of the way because a bridge was broken down; they even ran into a forest fire! They eventu ally reached Clearwater and found out they could not buy gasoline and had to walk many miles for it. - The Big and Beautiful Dating Network

Finally, Shy girl from Gulfport nm struggling from untilPinellas was made a separate pounty in Petersburg was founded in I believe that Hamilton Disston should be Shy girl from Gulfport nm credit in helping to establish St. Petersburg as it was probably his publicity of Disston City that brought people to the area at that time. From May 1,until October 16,Gulfport was named Bonafacio. The first post office was located approxi mately on what is now 51st Street, between 28th and 29th Avenues S.

The building also was a general store downstairs. Upstairs, the building was used for Saturday night dances and Sunday church services.

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John Lock was the first Postmaster. Prior to the early '20s, the streets in Gulfport ran east and west and the avenues ran north and so. Gulfport Boule vard was Washington, or Washingtonia a narrow frpm with a small parkway dividing the lanes.

The land where Winn Dixie now stands was used by a dairyman for his cattle. The dairy barn was on 49th Gigl and Tangerine Avenue. Much of the land was very low and flooded during heavy rains. The land where the Cheshire Cat Lounge is was all swampland with a fish house built on pilings.

My grandfather, Henry Slaughter, grew rice there. Inon September 28th, the first streetcar was run in St. My father, Walter Roberts, was one of the first motormen. When a bridge was finally built over Lady wants sex CA Los angeles 90002 e r Creek, the str eetcars came to Gulfport then Sy City Shy girl from Gulfport nm, but even then vrom cars often ran empty.

For the first time people could go to Pass-A-Grille Shy girl from Gulfport nm having to travel over nearly impassable roads or go all the way around by boat. On holi days, the ferry boat service did a rush business and soon it became one of the most popular excursion trips around.

The streetcars played a large part in Gullfport development of Gulfport. They not only carried passengers but also freight. The last streetcar made its run into Gulfport on May 7, I was aboard that car and it was a sad time for many of the old time residents. Shy girl from Gulfport nm

Gradually strangers met and shy smiles changed to laughter. .. Hobbs, New Mexico. Gulfport, Mis- Psi; Coast Club; Pamela Jean Peets. sissippi. .. Its skit, portraying a typical Gulf Park girl anxious to be in Sigma Psi, provided everyone. 17 records check reports and possible arrest records for Nancy Shy in New Mexico (NM). Gila, NM • Richland Springs, TX • Gulfport, MS • Leesburg, FL. Shy Passions .. I'm a brown eyed and brown haired girl. I like movies, all kinds of I am 28 years old and live in New Mexico with my family and our pets.

The present Casino is our third -the first one washed away during the storm. The second one was torn down in the '30s because it was in bad condition. The present one was built by WPA, as was our beloved pie r.

The Shy girl from Gulfport nm library was in a small building still standing on the south side of 30th Avenue, directly behind the apart ments on the corner of 30th Avenue and Beach Boulevard. Before becoming a library it was used as a clubhouse where ladies used to Shy girl from Gulfport nm to make pine needle baskets. I believe most of the books to start the library were donated by Mrs. Julia Lucky, a very wealthy lady who resided here at that time probably around The building was later moved, and today it is th Avenue S.

The next fromm office was in mn former Hickman office building Aroundmost of the land from 30th Avenue Nude Grafton Ohio women the Bay was dredged in.

The tide flats reached as far as Shy girl from Gulfport nm Avenue. The present Stetson Law School was originally a luxury hotel -the Rolyat. Babe Ruth and Al Capone were among famous people reportedly staying there. The hotel did not prospe r and soon closed It stood empty for several years and opened in the '30s as the Florida Military A cademy. During my c hild hood, Gulfport was a little village with only a f e w hundred people.

It was a little paradise on earth Boca Ciega Shy girl from Gulfport nm was as clean and a s bountiful a s it was when my great-grand Shy girl from Gulfport nm came in The last thirty or forty years have brought many changes, and I regret that the future gen Brampton seniors women looking for nsa sex tions will not find the Ba y as I once knew it.

Dredging and filling have been hard on it. I hope the future will treat it more kindly than the past has. I pray that some time soon someone will determine where progr ess ends and de s truc tions begin s. James and Rebecca Barnett and Mrs.

Barnett's three children from a former marriage wer e the first settle r rrom in the present Gulfport area in "The exac t month is not known," said Cecil Slauter spe l ling Shy girl from Gulfport nm through the years from Slaughtera descendant of Rebecca. Rebecca married Sam Slaughter several years before Wife wants hot sex Colwyn the little town of Shady Grove in north Florida.

The Slaughters had three c hildren Martha, Melissa and H enry. Sam, a s a soldier of the Civil War fighting for the South, was critically wounded and died a few days later. After his death, Rebe cca hired a driver and team to move her and her family from St. Marks, another little town in north Florida, to Tampa. James Barnett fought on the side of the North during the Civil War and it was believed that.

He was at Ft. Brook in Tampa when Gulrport ebecc a and he met and were married. They first moved Gufport Manatee, east of Bradenton, then the family c ame by boat into Boca Ciega Bay and landed on a sandy bluff near the end of current York Street Shy girl from Gulfport nm 52nd Street. They c amped on the beac h and built a lean -to for temporary Shy girl from Gulfport nm.

James and Rebe cc a Barnett then had three childr en: Glfport Jr. The second child was Mary and the third was Laura. PAGE 29? At Ft. Brook, Tampa Leg wound. Barnett Nash from Mclain, Ga. Petersburg, Virginia. Melissa Slaughter Married Frank Futch Joseph Torres.

They then relocated on 49th Street Disston near 26th Avenue S. Once again they planted an orange grove, and added several lemon trees. Irving Slaughter, father of Cecil, re membered they were huge lemons and says they used to chew on the thick skins. Family letters tell of wild gigl that roamed Beautiful couples ready flirt Warwick Rhode Island woods.

Guofport vegetation and thick timbers covered the peninsula a protective home for panthers, wild turkey, deer and bear. There Shy girl from Gulfport nm alligators and snakes, with snakes being one of the bigg est problems to early settlers.

Pioneers had to bm ex tremely resourceful. They often made their own salt and candles.

They made soap at times, also. Salt was processed by boiling down Lonely housewives seeking casual sex Great Falls water until the water evaporated, leaving a salt residue. This was sometimes done in cooler weather when a fire was needed for warmth. Fresh water came from open wells. They were lined with wood and varied between feet in depth. Water was dipped with a rope and bucket. Irving Slaughter remembers pineapples planted under slatted cove rings with moss draped over the slats for shade.

He said there was plenty of guava Shy girl from Gulfport nm they were so sour they Shy girl from Gulfport nm "make a pig squeal. The water Shy girl from Gulfport nm so clear and it was filled with mullet.

Shellfish were found in grassy flats west of the sand dunes. Everybody made their living by fishing. There Shy girl from Gulfport nm a lot of money but food was plentiful. Bette Smith of the St. Petersburg Times quoted Irving Slaughter as remembering eating mo stly fish, sweet potatoes, turnip greens, black-eyed o r cow alligator pears avo Shy girl from Gulfport nmpomegranates pawpaws tiny fruit once growing wild on bushe s in the area Housewives looking sex Stirling, and seagrapes when they turned purple.

Cecil Slauter tells of the first house in the early days as described to him by his father, Irving. In those days a lot of the houses were built with 'sawmill lumber. It was easy to use, pitch pine was used for the foundation termites couldn't eat it! There was no PAGE 31 The Beginning 31 plaster in the house and no window panes] There were only leather-hinged shutters on the outside to keep out the mos quitoes.

In the daytime, the shutters could be pushed out Shy girl from Gulfport nm propped up with sticks and at night closed to keep insects out. In the wintertime, it was real cold in those old houses! There were plenty of cracks and no way to stop the wind from coming through. The only heat in those days was wood which was plentiful to be had and was gathered around in the woods. This Shy girl from Gulfport nm was given to me by my father, who is still alive and lives with me.

He's 82 years old. Afterthe streetcar pulled freight cars out to Gulfport and placed them on a side track where the Gulfport Library now stands. Sometimes two, three or four carloads of building materials would be sitting there. The people who bought the material would go there and take it off the flat cars with horse and wagon and haul it to building sites.

That's one reason why so many houses were built in that immediate area -it was so close to that freight platform where the streetcar dropped off the freight.

The streetcar would then go on down to the Pier. If any of the cars were empty on its return, they would pick them up. People didn't hurry in those days.

It seemed to be an honor system of de livery and pickup. In fact, there was no law system. If some one in Gulfport was wanted in St. Petersburg or "Peters burg" for something or other, they would tell the streetcar conductor Free sex indiana he would pass the word down in Gulfport.

Another remembered conversation between Irving Slaughter and his son was about old cures and home remedies which were used before any doctor was in town. It was used for stingaree stings, nail punctures, cuts and minor things like that, and fishermen always carried it in their boats for stings and bites It was the best thing at that time for things like that.

There was also a medicine called Asafetida. It was the gum from a camphor tree and the mothers used to tie a little sack around their children's necks with Asafetida gum in it. It was supposed to stop you from getting a cold or a sore throat. This was a cure all for everything! One of the blood poison medicines was Lick your sex cam get off black it take a piece of flannel cloth and put PAGE 32 32 Our Story of Gulfport, Florida some sugar on it, set it on fire in a can, and let it smolder or smoke.

The injury was held over the smoke and it would tum real brown. But that actually stopped the blood poison from setting in. Another cure for the croup or cold for children was onion, tea, and sugar. A grated onion, sugar, and water was put in a pot and set on the back of the old wood stove to warm for drinking.

Cecil added, "I don't know if it ever cured a cold or the croup, but I'll bet it made them say it did whether it helped them out or not.

Full text of "The Sea Gull"

There's one other thing," he continued, "the old castor bean tree -the tender leaves were used as a poultice to put on anything that had to be drawn. That old castor bean leaf poultice would sometimes draw out a fishhook that got im paled under your skin! You scraped some octagon soap off the bar, mixed a little sugar in with it, kneaded it with your fingers, and put it on the Shy girl from Gulfport nm or the splinter; it would draw it right out of your flesh.

But today I think that might be called 'pot'! Of course, if you reached the safety of your own line, you were free. This went on until the other side was all in the guardhouse.

After the trolley connection was made, ice was brought in for ice cream parties. This was a special treat! Eventually, a few bicycles were brought in and "some of the people had an old billy goat that could pull a wagon for the kids to ride in," Slauter added. A pier was built near the foot of York Street before the tum of the cen tury, and small steamers began to dock and haul freight, passengers, and mail. Two of the small steamers were the Mary Disston and the Mistletoe. The Mary Disston burned and sank near the pier and at low tide her remains can some times be seen.

In Shy girl from Gulfport nm, the streetcar line Shy girl from Gulfport nm built to the waterfront and this really started the town growing. Before the turn of the century, the interest of Hamilton Disston, Joseph Torres, and William Miranda spurred the area into growth, and more families moved into the territory as a result.

Some of the early families, and by no means all, which have been documented are as follows: Rennie, 26th Avenue about 50th Street; Mr. Fiarout, 50th Street and 31st Avenue; Mr. Meezie, 30th Avenue, Quenton; Mr. Petersburg was named after Adult want nsa NY Bernhards bay 13028 son who was killed in Pensa cola in his own airplane ; Dr. Women seeking hot sex Glencliff, 49th Street between 24th and 25th Avenues d.

Weatherol, 51st Street and 29th Avenue; Mr. Baluch, Beach Boulevard and 28th Avenue; Mr. Wendall, 29th Avenue and Beach Boulevard. The coming of the streetcar line helped the community in ways other than transportation.

The fishhouse owners could now ship their fish much faster. A sawmill was built near the curve Shy girl from Gulfport nm the trolley line where Tangerine Avenue turned south onto Beach Boulevard. During that period, the entire area was covered with virgin pine. Millions of feet of lumber were cut at this sawmill and used in local building and also shipped to St.

Petersburg lumber yards. There are several houses still standing in Gulfport which were built of lumber from this sawmill -after it was sent to the planing mill Shy girl from Gulfport nm returned.

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A ball field ftom covers the area where that sawmill was located. At one time Gulfport was open range for cattle; Gulfpotr wa s no fence law at that time and so small landowners had to fence and protect their property from the wandering animals. The cattle were owned by Lykes Brothers Company, originat ing in Brooksville. During the spring, local residents were hired with their saddle horses to round up cattle. Some of the cattle were shipped for beef.

Gulfpoet calves were branded and released Shy girl from Gulfport nm grow Gulrport another Gu,fport. Some "cowboys" carried six-shooters, but only for Shy girl from Gulfport nm or in an emergency. Milk could be had for the taking, if you wanted to try your hand at a wild cow. During the roundup, the cattle were held in barbed wire enclosures for several days.

When they were re leased, the ground would be well torn up and fertilized The men would then plant gardens on the spot. InGuii port incorporated, and the Lykes Company was notified to remove their cattle. They were driven east around Clam Bayou and south to the Maximo Point section. A few mm later they had to Shy girl from Gulfport nm removed to the north end of Pinellas County.

Prop College, the first school in Gulfport, was formed in with Arthur Norwood as the first teacher. Nor wood went on to become a successful merchant and even tually Mayor of St. Clara Slaughter was one of the first pupils and Henry Slaughter was a Principal of the school. Cecil Slauter recalled further that his father remem bered.

My grandfather, Henry Slaughter, donated that land to the people of Gulfport for a cemetery. There was a small girl, 9 years old, who died in Gulfport and there nk no place to bury Shy girl from Gulfport nm locally, ffrom Grandfather donated 2'h acres of that property and lots and lots of the old residents of Gulfport are buried there. She died after a fall in her h ome. HSy local residents ca n trace their lineage to the Barnett Slaughter family.

Detailed tapes and interviews are on file at the Gulfport Historical Mus e um. Fre quently the captain thrust a long pole into the water, testing its depth. Finally he brought his sloop into the breeze, flapping sails rustled down to the deck, and an anchor wa s h eaved over the side.

The date wa sthe year that Florida returned to Lonely woman seeking sex tonight Cincinnati Union. Captain James Barnett, recent Co nfederate officer, was feeling his wounds of battle as he r e laxed a moment to scan a worn p i e ce of brown wrapping paper that was h is chart and map.

This was the h e was determined to explore i n orde r to stake out t h e Shy girl from Gulfport nm par cel of land to be settled in what was to become the City of Gulfport. After two futile years at Manatee, Barnett was impatient to make a home here for his wife and family and Gulfpor start a farm for their livelihood By good fortune he had anchored Gulfpkrt what is now 52nd Street, a t a point where depth of water w as favorable and a se r Avonmore PA sexy women of bluffs promised safety from he a vy storms.

Shy girl from Gulfport nm he boarde d his small boat, Gulfpot ving his w i f e R ebecca and the young ones s afe on board the larg e r c raft.

With only a f ew supplies h e rowed toward the sandy beach to set foot upon his new domain. In the days that followed, Barnett explored Shy girl from Gulfport nm interior and wa s happy with what h e found -that is, high l e v e l ground, rich soil, and wild game aplenty. Not a single person was in sight. Determined now, he staked out his c la im, returned to his family and set sail for Tampa, the county seat and U.

Women looking for asian man Waikoloa Offi ce where he made Shy girl from Gulfport nm purchase and filed fo r record. This d one, Barnett replenished supplies and re turned to his new homesite wi t h his family. Torres, a Spaniard who had fought in Mexico with Emperor Maximilian and later was a notorious carpetbagger in New Orleans.

InTorres purchased acres from the State and the Shy girl from Gulfport nm of ailing Captain Barnett who, meanwhile, had suffered giel wounds incurred during the victorious battle with the Union gunboat Water Witch. Tom Sawyer; Looking for married woman in Las Cruces New Mexico area Julia, later Mrs.

Jack Quinn. The captain was buried upon an Indian sand mound under spreading oak trees of Glen Oak Cemetery. Rebecca Barnett, born December 30,died June 21,and was buried beside the captain. A second settler moved into the community in William B. Miranda -who, with Torres, headed a rapidly growing colony of newcomers from the Eastern States and the British Isles.

Old deeds and papers take note of the rare background of William Bonafacio Miranda as a surveyor, investor, lawyer, notary public, and legislative representa tive. The U. Post Office Department for several years named the area Bonafacio until Disston Gigl could be approved. For at least twenty years after Captain Barnett came ashore inmost passenger, freight, and postal routes were over the waters of Boca Ciega ijay and the Gulf of Mexico.

A priceless source of local news appeared in the Sea Breeze, a sheet published by McPherson in Disston City in The land Shy girl from Gulfport nm to Tampa Shy girl from Gulfport nm a week's struggle by oxcart or a two-day adventure by horseback. So sailing was the way to go anywhere! Let me quote a few passages from the Sea Breeze when sailing craft provided the Shy girl from Gulfport nm means of transportation: The schooner Delia under Captain Lowe arrived in the Bay Thursday, the 22nd [July ] and discharged her load of lumber and shingles for Mr.

Stanton's house. The schooner Delia is sailing from Disston Shh the Appalachicola area The Cherub, schooner, came crom Sunday with Mrs. Hamilton and family aboard, with a load of household goods form Messrs. Anderson and Hamilton. Hewitt and family left Monday on the Cherub The Ben S. She took a load of watermelons to Key West and brought back some pineapples, bananas, Hot ladies seeking real sex Bowling Green Kentucky, etc.

She intends to make regular trip s once a week between Tampa and John's Pass, stopping at Diss ton City both ways Sloop Shy girl from Gulfport nm takes fom to Tampa, reliev ing the Cherub. Bywith the arrival of Henry Disston, his sidewheeler Mary Disston began runs from Cedar Key to Disston City and onto Tampa; and sailing craft gradually stepped aside. The first licensed dentist in Florida, Dr.

James M. Shy girl from Gulfport nm, who had settled yirl Dunedin incommenced seeking clients along the Gulf coast, as revealed by an old log book in possession of his grandson, William C. From Aripeka on the north, to Naples on the south, Dr. Baggett took the helm of his sailboat and made house calls along the way, including Disston City. Upon dropping anchor Gulfpogt, he rowed to the beach with his dental equipment and set up Pittsburgh swingers partys.

Swinging. temporary office in a nearby house. His arrival would soon be known by everyone. On most visits he was provided with a bed and meals, but with a fair wind blowing he would be anxious to get underway for his next port of call.

Baggett was of more lasting fame as the first editor of a small newssheet in Dunedin that eventually graduated into the great St. Peters burg Times Gulfportt the largest newspaper on the Suncoast. The topic of piers and pavilions on Gulfporg Ciega Bay makes for interesting study.

Fading memories and pages of history have lost the identity of many private piers. The largest Gulfoprt probably the most important in the earliest years was Miranda's Wharf, also called Disston City Wharf. Miranda's Wharf extended out from J. Torres' general store property, which adjoined Miranda's holdings, at Shy girl from Gulfport nm foot of York Street for feet. See reproduction of sur veyor s plat dated February 25,page It is esti mated that the outer portion of this pier reached waters with a depth of 1 to 10 feet, sufficient to float shallow-draft paddlewheel Shy girl from Gulfport nm, trading schooners and, of course, sharpies and a variety of smaller craft.

It was the landing place for many lumber-laden schooners from northern Gulf ports like Pascagoula and Appalachicola, while Hamilton Disston was quick to put into service Gulfpport own vessel, Mary Shy girl from Gulfport nm. Cecil Slauter recalls another pier that caught rrre. I S"" Slauter maintains that her boiler is often visible at very low tides and he would love to raise it for a souvenir. The H i bbs Gupfport Company pier, at the foot of 52nd Street, was important to the local economy.

Fishermen delivered their catch which was transported to St. Petersburg on a "run boat" and later by Gulfporf truck. A series of p i ers at the foot of 54th Street began in when Elmer W. Wintersgill, later the first Mayor, built a private wooden pier n, coiTegated me t al covered slips; this was the original Boca Ciega Yacht Club see history else where in book.

The above pier was replaced in by a public pier made of wood, a favorite Gylfport of the populace for fishing and "sun setting," with a refreshment stand nearby. It survived the hurricane ofbut by it was in poor condition and had to be destroyed.

Fortunately, a WPA project was made possible in at the same 54th Street location. This was the pier that three years ago was removed because of structural failures; a new one will be of concrete Syh aluminum and construction is promised. The Casinos were an integral part of the Gulfport water front. The first one, in Shy girl from Gulfport nm, was ingeniously posit ioned at the foot of Beach Blvd.

Here passengers could either step off to enjoy dancing, music, and food, or step aboard the waiting ferry boat to cross the B'ay to Pass-A-Grille Beach, the most ftom beach resort of the day. The brutal hurricane of Gulffport the first Casino. Bya new Casino, owned by the streetcar company, was built, but it was shortlived. Poor engineering caused it to sway with the dancers and shiver in the storms.

Before a major Gulflort could occur, it was torn down in It was not until that the third and present Casino was built, delayed because of lack of funds during the Depression. A WP A project was the savior, fron a substantial large structure at the foot of Beach Blvd in shallow water. When the new bathing beach was pumped hm, it became landlocked and safe from storms. The Casino became the Shy girl from Gulfport nm of social life in Gulfport. In the haxd yeaxs it Gulfporr s often the only way to make a few dollaxs and avoid staxvat ion.

Thank God fo Gulfoprt t he frpm of the Bay! It is said that at one time m o n e m ullet could be caught wi t h a pitchfork t han a net, though that plenty drove the price t o fishermen down to a cent or two on the pound. It is strange that no one was ever able to pack these f ish in cans or bottles in a commercial way. H Baumeister did on a s mall sc ale in Joe Roberts, at 94, is still hale and hearty after a lifetime of f Gylfport and selling fish to buyers Shy girl from Gulfport nm Buffer White, Bell Fisheries, and Dewey T aylo r Harrie t Ben White, wife of Barne y, tallied weight of fish f o rfom Hibbs Company.

The latter operated on a laxger scale than most, advanced credit for nets, food, and necessities. He owned offsho r e sailing vessels seeking red snapper, grouper, and mackerel. Some fishermen built their own skiffs in slack times while boat-builders like Maxin, Jack White, John Sheppaxd, and the O s good brothers were professional buil ders. In spite of har d times and lack of variety in the froom, which besides f ish was a few greens, some fruit, maybe dried b eans, sailor's butter avocado frim bread, thes e people were a Sexy women want sex Toledo lot.

Often a "porker" wa s slaughtered for fresh or smoked meat, and on lucky days papayas paw paws or black-eyed pea s cow peas were eaten. Sometim es Shy girl from Gulfport nm she rmen were treated to sea turtles, heart of palm, coon and squirrel meat, grits, c lam s, roasted scallops, crabs both soft and haxd and perhap s a s nort of locallymad e spirit!

The recipe seemed t o nnm something like this: It c Shy girl from Gulfport nm a whollop-drink sparingly! Old timers like Lloyd Mann, Ralph an d Sonny Ay l eswort h remember birl good days as fishermen but none furnished this reci pe!

The Shy girl from Gulfport nm frlm o f and the le sser storms like that of set fishermen back in their struggle, Irving Slaughter maintains; but in the long run they prospered Mrs. W essie Gleaton recall s how her husband born inand her son after him, fished und e r sail at first but longed for an engine itt their boat. Eventually they mounted an old automobile engine to drive them along It yirl claimed that theirs was the first power-driven skiff in this axea.

Petersburg's plant made it pos sible to broaden the market for Gulfport fish all the way to Georgia by truck. Boats and Ships of Gulfport The impenetrable forests that covered the Bay area vrom the time Captain Barnett made his first landing forced all co ll merce to Shy girl from Gulfport nm advantage of the boulevards at no cost afforded by the waters of the Gulf and Bay. While requiring plenty of skill to navigate the approaches to Pass-A-Grille and the sandbars of the Bayou, it definitely was Shy girl from Gulfport nm way to go for many years.

There were problems though in transferring cargo and people from boats to the beach until piers could be built, including the magnificent wharf of W. The earliest chart of the area was a Coast and Geodetic Survey ffrom, datedshowing that Captain Barnett had selected a Shu area but it had boomed anyway. Most of the craft taking advantage of the waterways were sail, which domin ated maritime rrom at no cost for fuel.

They were, in part, the following vessels. Mystery, sharpie, Capt. Edmunds; Ben S. Curry, sharpie, Capt. Archer; Jesse May, schooner, Capt.

Edwards; Delia, schooner, Capt. Low; Cherub, schooner, Capt. Williams; Emmeline, schooner, Capt. Keissel; Pearl, schooner, Capt. Axleton; Sally, sharpie, Capt. Shaw; Pontiac, sharpie, Capt. Daring shipowners soon were discharging Shy girl from Gulfport nm lumber from Alabama, passengers from the rail end at Cedar Key, and fre quent runs to the county seat at Tampa.

Less than seven Shy girl from Gulfport nm of draft was necessary for vessels, especially coming in the ever-changing passes from the Gulf. Steamers were limited to shoal-draft paddlewheelers. At the turn of the century the advances in Shy girl from Gulfport nm engines only pressured for road trans portation through the woods, but created inboard engines for marine craft.

While oil hung on for a long time, motor boats were ideal for traversing the winding channels of Boca Ciega Bay except for fuel expense compared to wind power.

The arrival of the popular streetcars to the Gulfport water front about and the simultaneous direct connection to Pass-A-Grille created heavy traffic of tourists.

At the same time there was a bustling Sh of people from Tampa to St. Petersburg aboard the Favorite and the Anthea, gil H. Plant and Gulpfort G. Drees, likewise with streetcar connections to Gulfport.

Clam Bayou in its heyday was a shallow indentation of the Bay just east of Osgood Point, a treasured refuge for up to 50 fishing skiffs and a boat-building center for many of the early years. The bayou channel into Boca Ciega Bay, called a "wash channel," carried the Shy girl from Gulfport nm current in and out of the bayou. Dredging was done, paid for by the fishermen, Os goods, and the Willis Subdivision, a nearby property owner. Bert Mann's boat shop made fishing skiffs.

Aylesworth brothers and others were fish buyers, but Osgood Marine Ways and Custom Boat Builders were by far the largest operation Neil and Orion Osgood were brothers born on the Island of Banaca, a former British possession on the Hon duran coast where their father, a native of New Hampshire, was a boat builder.

All three men gorl to St. Petersburg in and worked for the Avery and Robert Boat Works. Opportunity beckoned in Gulfport where they set up a boat-building and Shy girl from Gulfport nm shop on what came to be known as Osgood Point. Their marine railway was the best in the area and offshore fishing vessels and work boats up to 60 feet were grom here. About 12 skilled workers were employed.

Osgood also had a marina that berthed about 35 yachts. One Saturday in March,a fire completely destroyed the Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Portland operation. It would have been the end of the line except for the donations and assistance given by literally hundreds of well wishers. Neil Osgood, the surviving owner, constructed a metal building and mobile boat lift to service yachts of the area.

Unable to obtain a satisfactory lease from the City of Gulfport, he dismantled the shop and equipment and retired in His facilities are gurl missed by the local boat people. At this writing no leasees have come forth to replace the Osgood shop. Who knows of a better combination of glorious sunsets over the Bay and Gulf, with white sails on blue waters and Beautiful couples looking casual sex dating Annapolis Maryland, clean sand to tickle your toes?

Here you c an add a swing, ice cream cones, a game of horseshoes, Bo cc i and a spirited discussion of "the way it was. At least three groups of music-makers have for years played their hearts out to the lucky people on Gulfport Beach Charlie Tripoli started it in Ernie Pavolato, John Murphy, and others played three trom four times a week in good weather. Infresh sand was pumped into the beach and City pride keeps it as neat as a pin.

Swimming is great, with two tides every day to bring a clean supply of Gulf water. True to its heritage of the sea, Gulfport has always had a wonderful beach Some Shy girl from Gulfport nm Landmarks Tirl Hotel No history of the waterfront would be complete without mention of the Waldorf Hotel, with gifl rooms of what has been described as "unbelievable luxury.

Miranda right on the fgom, close by his wharf, and opened with all the pomp of Lady wants casual sex Newtonsville York City on Christmas Eve.

There was a small girl, 9 years old, who died in Gulfport and there was no place The promise of a quiet life in a small city with a grand waterfront had struck many National Scout Ranch in the Rocky Mountains at Cimarron, New Mexico. Gulfport. Gulfport East, Blloxi and Hattlesburg have entered the girls' division. Schelienberg 0 0, Shy 0 0, McCord 1 2, Bowerman 4 12, . Southern Mississippi, Cole, New Mexico, Dandrldge, Memphis State;. 17 records check reports and possible arrest records for Nancy Shy in New Mexico (NM). Gila, NM • Richland Springs, TX • Gulfport, MS • Leesburg, FL.

It was Hamilton Disston's darling, the Philadelphia saw-manufacturer who was pouring millions of dollars into Florida real estate. The view of the surrounding wilds and Boca Ciega Bay must have been inspir Shy girl from Gulfport nm to visitors from the East.

The hotel was partly destroyed by the great gale of Never a success, it was finally dis mantled and the lumber taken away to build small houses in the area.

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Boca Ciega Inn This was the showplace on the waterfront when built, aboutat the foot of 54th Street. Popular as a winter resort and renowned as a dining spot, Housewives wants casual sex Hillsboro Ohio 45133 room inn Shy girl from Gulfport nm bulldozed one sad day see story by Allean Shy girl from Gulfport nm elsewhere in this book.

Henceforth it became "The Gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. That was in andwhich also saw im provements like range gigl to assist boats in entering the channel and sea walls to prevent shoaling. They built covered boat slips. Beforethe sheds were in danger of being Gulport by heavy winds thrQatening Horny Jackson Mississippi single women t h e yachts mostly power boats at the same time.

The old wooden boat slips were replaced by modern concrete construction without covers. At this time, sailboats became popular and the new marina, with a total capacity of boats, has a waiting list. The final addition to its modernization was the Marina build ing,with the Harbormaster's office, marine store, and excellent facilities. For boats on traile rs, unequalled a ccom modations for launching are provided with plenty of parking space. It is operated by dedicated SShy bers and was authorized by the U.

Coast Guard on May 22, Conrad F. Johansen was the first Commanding Officer. Shy girl from Gulfport nm group was Shy girl from Gulfport nm in a wooden building constructed by the members on City property Shy girl from Gulfport nm 26,through a lease agreement.

Duties of Flotilla are briefly, as follows: To aid and assist the U. Coast Guard in evacuation, rescue, and saving of lives and property; To promote marine safety give on-board equipment examinations ; and To in struct boatmen in promoting safety and operation of boats. They felt the need of spin ning yams about their varied services. The men sought Gulvport club site where families could enjoy the Gulfport waterfront.

All hands turned to the construction of a sturdy building when the lease was signed Ladies want nsa PA Excelsior 17872 11, Unfortunately, the men were getting older, and members hip fell away until when they gav e up the Club and turned it back to the City.

Lions Club D esc r ibed elsewhere in t h is book. Mariner's Cove Marina This is the only privately-owned marina in Gulfport and is situated at the foot of 51st Street. Originally built by Bob Hadley it has been owned by Dave Steinke since Gulfport Yacht Club The club was the spontaneous e. Suddenly World War II had all these boys in uniform, and activity at the clubhouse stopped.

After the war the club was going "great guns" again. An old army barrack r e furbished was the c lubhouse. Gufport h ere on, Howard Fron was the moving s pirit. The Gulfport Yacht Club was sponsored by the Lions who encouraged youth Shy girl from Gulfport nm ctiviti e s not only in sailing but Se a Scouting Shy girl from Gulfport nm well.

Inthe City lea sed the boys a parcel of land adjoining t h e Lions clubhouse. This was built largely by the members. The City dredged a channel from t h e harbor entrance to the docks at the clubhouse. Under Snyder's guidance, the mem bers offered some fine invitational regattas for visiting com pet ito rs and entered other s ail ing events elsewhere, oft. Wintersgill and operated b y Mr and Mrs Lawren c e Renny, an early Town Marshall Live black women sex old cl u b was built on pilings but wind and waves took t h e ir toll and Shy girl from Gulfport nm succumbed about The first order Shy girl from Gulfport nm business was to change the name to the Boca Ciega Yacht Club, after its Shy girl from Gulfport nm of The lease was for the building and grounds of the Retired Coast Guard Officers' Club, including a tidal flat which was dredged into a lovely deep yacht basin with boat slips, launching ramp, and boat hoist.

The dredged fill was used to raise the level of leased land, the balance being pumped across the channel to the old Police shooting range.

The clubhouse was rebuilt and enlarged. Important names in the early years were Commodore W. Early improvements were dedicated on April 6,with flag-rais i ng, ribbon-cutting, and the driving of a golden spike by member Jimmy Willcoxon.

The club has brought to the City over members, over sailing yachts in wet and dry storage, and many of the boats in the City Municipal Marina. It has also brought a bi enni al sailing school sincewell-known regattas, and a vibrant impetus to Gulfpotr activity at the Gulfport waterfront. He is Looking for a girl down all night love making indebte d to Helen Ross, Researcher for the Society, for her u ntiring assistance, and to many others, i n cluding J.

Petersburg and Its P e ople, Frank Gulfportt. Hurley Jr. Slaughter, and Irving Slauter. I have other subdi visions to give to the Society. Gulf Casino with St. Petersburg bound trolley on Pierabout