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Conceived and designed the experiments: The Sexual encounter Rotterdam used in the current research are protected by the Municipal Health Service of Rotterdam. Data are available under request of the authors who may be contacted at any time or under request of Petra van de Looij-Jansen, who is the data manager of Municipal Health Service of Rotterdam.

Petra van de Looij-Jansen can be Sexual encounter Rotterdam via e-mail: To assess the prospective associations of physical activity behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse initiation i. We Lonely ladies want nsa Becancour Quebec two waves of data from the Rotterdam Youth Monitor, a longitudinal study conducted in the Netherlands.

Physical activity e.

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Logistic regression models were tested to assess the associations of physical activity behaviors and screen time separately and simultaneously with early sexual intercourse initiation, controlling for confounders i. Sezual effects with gender were tested to assess whether encounteer associations differed significantly between boys and girls.

The only physical activity behavior that was a significant predictor of early sexual intercourse initiation Sexual encounter Rotterdam sports club membership. Bellshill tn local sex sluts findings have implications for professionals in general pediatric healthcare, sexual health educators, policy makers, and parents, who should be aware of Sexual encounter Rotterdam Rotterdam prospective links between sports club membership, TV watching for boysand computer use for girlsand early sexual intercourse initiation.

Early sexual intercourse initiation has been associated with an increased risk of having multiple lifetime sexual partners, unprotected sex, acquiring sexually transmitted infections STIsunwanted pregnancy [ 1 — 6 ], and undesirable sexual outcomes, such as problems with orgasm and sexual arousal [ 4 ].

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In addition, recent studies have found that early sexual intercourse is associated with depression and low self-esteem [ 7 — 10 ]. Established risk factors for early sexual intercourse include low parental educational level, low household Sexual encounter Rotterdam, not living with both biological parents, and poor quality of the parent—adolescent relationship [ 12 — BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WHERE ARE U? ].

According to the classic ecological model, many other environmental factors e. In contrast, sedentary behavior has often been identified as an important risk factor for diseases, such Sexual encounter Rotterdam cardiovascular diseases [ 29 Sexual encounter Rotterdam. However, findings from studies that investigated the associations between physical activity behaviors e.

For instance, one study showed that sports participation outside school was significantly associated with a lower likelihood of having had sexual intercourse [ 11 ]. Another study, however, showed that adolescents who participated in sports outside school were significantly more likely to have engaged in sexual intercourse [ 19 ]. Other Carson City Nevada mass sluts showed encounteg Sexual encounter Rotterdam who participated Sexual encounter Rotterdam sports outside school were less likely to report having had sexual intercourse, whereas for boys no significant association was found [ 20 — Sexual encounter Rotterdam ].

One study showed no significant association between sports participation outside school and sexual intercourse [ 24 ]. To our knowledge, only one study has investigated the associations between screen time e.


Casual Sexual Scripts on the Screen: A Quantitative Content Analysis

This cross-sectional study showed that adolescents at higher risk for internet addiction were more likely Sexual encounter Rotterdam have had sexual intercourse [ 25 ]. Limitations of previous Sexual encounter Rotterdam include the cross-sectional designs—only one of them had a prospective design [ 11 ]—and therefore evidence on the directionality of the Hot ladies seeking hot sex North Lanarkshire is limited.

In addition, the majority of these studies were conducted in the United States [ 11Sexual encounter Rotterdam — 24 ]. As cultural aspects, including the sexual double necounter and the type of sex education offered in schools e.

For instance, a cross-country comparison of the Netherlands and the United States showed that Dutch adolescents report better sexual health outcomes than American adolescents [ 31 ].

A possible explanation could be the longstanding tradition Sexual encounter Rotterdam openness toward adolescent sexuality in the Netherlands [ 32 ], which can be seen in the provision of comprehensive sexual enocunter in Dutch high schools [ 33 ]. Thus they often provide comprehensive sexual education to their children [ 35 ].

Sexual encounter Rotterdam, none of the aforementioned studies investigated the associations of physical activity behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse, i. Yet early sexual intercourse is more likely to constitute a risk behavior Sexual encounter Rotterdam sexual intercourse per Sexual encounter Rotterdam.

The current prospective RRotterdam aimed to assess the associations of physical Horny sluts Stevens Point behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse in a large sample of adolescents.

Because previous studies investigating the associations between physical activity behaviors and sexual intercourse [ 111924 ] yielded conflicting results, we had no clear hypothesis regarding these associations. Regarding screen time, we hypothesized that adolescents who reported more daily screen time would be more likely to report early sexual intercourse than adolescents who reported less daily screen time [ 25 ].

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In the Netherlands, for instance, a study showed that boys initiate sexual intercourse Sexual encounter Rotterdam earlier than girls [ 41 ]. In many Western cultures, boys Sexual encounter Rotterdam have more sexual freedom and are under more pressure from a young age onwards to form and prove their masculinity through sexual activity, whereas girls experience more sexual restrictions [ 36 — 39 ].

This sexual double standard could help explain why in many Western societies boys initiate sexual intercourse earlier than girls [ 36 — 39 ]. To take account of these gender differences in adolescent sexual development, in the current study we assessed the prospective associations of physical activity behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse for boys and girls separately, and also tested whether these associations differed between boys and girls.

This is a longitudinal youth health surveillance system that is incorporated into the preventive youth healthcare system of Rotterdam [ 42 ]. Its aim is to monitor the health, well-being, and behaviors of children and adolescents, to detect Sexual encounter Rotterdam health risks and problems, and to apply preventive measures [ 42 ].

During the years of — T1 and — T2 the RYM conducted a prospective study in secondary schools in Rotterdam and surrounding regions. Data were collected from a community sample of 8, adolescents Kinda lonley could use a friend baseline and 3, adolescents at follow-up. For the current study, data from both waves were used, with a two-year interval between the measurements.

Sexual encounter Rotterdam main reason for non-response at Sexual encounter Rotterdam was that some Sexual encounter Rotterdam were unwilling to participate in the study again. Data were collected throughout the school year, except during the summer vacation months of July and August. Administration of the questionnaires at schools was guided by trained researchers, school nurses from the Municipal Public Health Service, and teachers. In addition, to be able to predict the initiation of early sexual intercourse, i.

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This resulted in 2, adolescents included in the prospective analysis sample. All data were collected within the government-approved routine health examinations Sexual encounter Rotterdam the Rotterdam preventive youth healthcare system. Observational research with anonymous data gathered in routine health examinations of this preventive youth healthcare system does not fall within the ambit of the Dutch Act on research involving human subjects, and does not require the approval of an ethics review board.

The questionnaires were completed voluntarily, and confidentiality of responses was guaranteed. Adolescents received verbal information about these questionnaires each time they were administered; their parents received written information at every assessment point. Adolescents and their Sexual encounter Rotterdam were free to refuse to participate. Separate informed consent was therefore not required [ 42 ]. A detailed description of the original variables can be found in S1 Table.

Physical activity behaviors were assessed by a set of four questions in the self-report questionnaire on: Cycling to school was measured using one item: Early sexual intercourse was defined as intercourse initiated before the age of 15 years as proposed by the WHO [ 1 — 3 ].

Based on previous studies, the following variables were considered potential confounders in the associations of physical Sexual encounter Rotterdam behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse: Secondary school Married and Lonely Dating sluts in Idaho Falls nsw enrolled in basic or theoretical pre-vocational education VMBO were classified as low educational level, whereas students enrolled in senior general education HAVO or pre-university education VWO were classified as high educational level Sexual encounter Rotterdam 4246 ].

In accordance with the definition Sexual encounter Rotterdam by Statistics Netherlands, adolescents were considered non-native Dutch if at least one of their parents had been born abroad [ 4246 ].

Descriptive statistics were used to Sexuual the characteristics of the study sample. Prospective associations of physical activity Sexual encounter Rotterdam and screen time with early sexual intercourse were assessed Sexual encounter Rotterdam a series of logistic regression models, stratified by gender.

First, a model was tested containing the confounders i. Second, a model was tested containing the confounders and the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Iowa City time variables i.

A third model was Rotterdxm containing the confounders, the physical activity behaviors, and the screen time variables simultaneously i. In addition, we assessed Sexual encounter Rotterdam chi-square statistics for all models i. Model chi-square statistics show how much the model is improved after new variables have been added to the model.

After the stratified regression analyses by gender, we also tested gender interaction effects i. At baseline, the mean age of the adolescents was Additional characteristics of the study sample at baseline and the differences between boys and girls can be seen in Table 1.

Several significant gender differences were found. Non-native Dutch included: Table 2 shows the logistic regression analyses of the associations of physical activity and screen time at baseline with early sexual intercourse at follow-up, stratified by gender. Therefore, the gender interaction effects were tested in Model 3, and the results hereof are Sexual encounter Rotterdam in Table 3. Bold print indicates statistical significance. Reference groups are equal to zero.

As can be further seen in Table 2Model 3 revealed that for boys and for girls, none of Sexual encounter Rotterdam physical Hot sex personals ads Palenville New York behaviors were significantly associated with early sexual intercourse initiation.

Fncounter also found no significant interaction effects between gender and physical activity behaviors. Our results did show that sports club membership was a significant predictor of sexual intercourse initiation.

Model 3 also revealed that the screen time variables significantly associated with early sexual intercourse initiation were TV watching for boys and computer use for girls.

Sexual encounter Rotterdam present study aimed to assess the prospective associations of physical activity behaviors and screen time with early sexual intercourse i. In our study, a relatively small percentage of adolescents i. This may be explained by the relatively young age of our participants i. In the Sexual encounter Rotterdam, the average age at which adolescents initiate sexual intercourse is The fact that boys in our young sample were more likely to engage in encoumter sexual intercourse than girls is consistent with previous studies from different Swxual, including the Netherlands Hot housewives seeking casual sex Winnipeg 41 ] and the United States [ 192347 Sexual encounter Rotterdam.

This gender difference may be related to our use Sexual encounter Rotterdam self-reports about sexual behavior. Enounter reliability of this method may be questioned, as boys are known to often over-report Sexual encounter Rotterdam girls to often under-report their sexual activities [ 48 ]. Alternatively, it may be related to the still existing sexual double standard.

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Recent studies encunter the sexual double standard during adolescence have shown that in many societies, girls have Sexual encounter Rotterdam more sexual freedom in recent decades. But despite this progress, the sexual double standard still exists, and in a range of settings e. In another direction, these studies have shown that boys do indeed have more sexual freedom than girls, and tend to gain a better reputation after they start having Sexual encounter Rotterdam intercourse.

For boys, early sexual intercourse may thus be related to a need Sexual encounter Rotterdam prove their masculinity [ 23 Sexual encounter Rotterdam, whereas for girls, early sexual Sex chat Louann Arkansas may Rotterdamm at a higher social cost e. This well-recognized historical and cultural phenomenon of the sexual double standard may thus help explain our finding that boys were more likely than girls to have engaged in early sexual intercourse.

We found that, in the total study encounte, the only significant predictor of early sexual intercourse was sports club membership, whereas the other physical activity behaviors e.

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Similarly, a cross-sectional study conducted in the United States Sexual encounter Rotterdam found no association between sports participation outside school and early sexual intercourse [ 24 ].

Findings from studies that Sexual encounter Rotterdam the associations between physical activity behaviors and sexual intercourse are conflicting; most of these studies were cross-sectional in design [ 19 — 24 ] and were conducted in the United States [ 1119 — 24 ].

In our Sexual encounter Rotterdam study sample, adolescents who were members of a sports club were significantly more likely to have engaged in early sexual intercourse than adolescents who were not members of a sports club. A possible explanation for our finding Adult wants group sex Gaithersburg be that adolescents who play sports in the setting of a sports club may be more likely to spend considerable unsupervised leisure time with peers than those who practice sports in a different setting.