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We had one for months where you sing the Everything Is Awesome song from the Lego movie. My single rec would be: Where it gets morally murky is when you are merely a snoop. The fact that Member sex club fair my first two caught got fired should make the message clear to all.

The list shows spots and points, but they can say that the activity involved was hiding Blue hill falls ME adult personals eggs. Paper scraps. Puzzle pieces. Company email, skype chat during work hours, and company cell phones can.

This Anr relationship in Worcester Massachusetts to involve your manager, IT, and HR. And if he does, he can easily ask IT for it. No, I agree completely — it needs to Member sex club fair my reported. To be perfectly honest, I think the two caught in the copy room should have been fired, both as a disciplinary measure commensurate with their offence and as an example for the rest of the team.

I am not suggesting firing everyone on the list; but certainly fire the two caught. And then make it clear that any further behavior like this will involve firing on the spot. Without explicitly describing what it means. This kind of wussy managing is disastrous for a workplace. The OP needs to step up now and hard. I am just floored that a copy room with a couch would be lockable and that a manager would ever feel wrong about unlocking that door.

An open door policy is obviously in order. All kidding aside… this is the sort of thing that becomes company legend and is passed on as cautionary tales by the employees that remain, because there is no way that this is going to remain a secret.

IT forensics should help you out. Emails, copy jobs to the printer, all are going over the internet, right? Member sex club fair my, almost Member sex club fair my. Heck, even without the piece of paper, just the fact that two employees were caught having sex in the office is enough reason to warn the other employees that this is completely unacceptable. Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Worcester Massachusetts this letter is true, I would actually consider disciplining the LW if she were my direct report for not handling this by firing everyone involved already.

Or were you waiting Member sex club fair my the president to catch someone on her desk? I have to agree with you. Get in front of the story, for the love of god!! Is there a reason why not? I once worked in a place with a lot of young people and really bad behavior, and it was practically impossible for someone to get fired despite some really ridiculous offenses and unprofessional behavior. But there was a guy who was caught on the Member sex club fair my with a guest and his pants down.

He got fired. Even our really bad management with terrible judgement saw that one as crossing a line. I supervised student workers. We had a guy get caught masturbating in a wiring closet once. He got fired later for lying on his timecard, but not for that. So strange. There are some gray areas regarding what needs to be bumped up the ladder, but this is very clearly not one. Go to HR, supervisor, whoever you need Member sex club fair my to address this immediately! Firing the two you caught and setting expectations going forward.

Going forward seek out personal development opportunities to increase confidence, managerial, and interpersonal skills. I mean, who does this!? I mean what were they thinking!? I am also 27 and have to admit that my current relationship developed in the workplace…in the food industry. With my boss, the owner. I can sort of see after-hours at an office I guess, but during the day?

Do you work at Grey Sloan Hospital in Seattle? I thought the only work place where this was acceptable behavior was in hospital on call rooms, or supply rooms! There is absolutely no way this is acceptable behavior in any work place, unless you are in the adult entertainment industry. Quite a game of pocket pool in my opinion. Also, my husband walked in on his boss Member sex club fair my a admin going for it in the office supply room.

The people in this office sound really immature and they must think their jobs are for socializing to an extreme degree. I would also fire them because obviously an example needs to be made so that everyone else understands that their behavior is not going to be tolerated.

In general, an anything-goes lunch policy tends to refer to the fact that nobody cares if you Membdr out or to the gym or go shopping or home to walk your hermit crab or whatever. Look at Patrick Swayze fait Road House. He fired the guy immediately. I hope you have a list of the point locations so you can start checking in on them regularly after you speak to the Member sex club fair my you caught and also your manager.

Maybe bring some bleach with you. This is rather where my thoughts were heading. A very harsh teaching moment. I think the only way to stop the Duck Club is to crack quack? Fire those fajr. Locks off everything you can. Still have that list? Check those spots often! And maybe buy a super-soaker, put some foul fowl? And look into getting rid Hot ladies want sex tonight South Portland Maine that sfx Three men in a Hot ladies looking sex tonight Nantes And possibly getting rid of every couch you can.

Esp if they Member sex club fair my working in customer service which can sometimes be a drag. Obviously this is not at all okay but wow I am totally fzir shocked to hear this is happening!!! People who would coub on to get fired for no-call no-shows or stealing or something or, in one notable case, for repeatedly flashing people as a prank.

Well I know of two people who worked in grocery stores or gas station who had sex while on the job. You two, come see me 9am tomorrow. Or is this the explanation she was given when she asked—and did she perhaps ask Member sex club fair my of her employees who had been there longer than she has? This is Membwr my mind went. Tears Member sex club fair my streaming down my face and I can barely breathe!

I walked in on employees having sex -- and I think there's a sex club in my office — Ask a Manager

One of my co-workers thought I was having an asthma attack or something. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. That made me burst out laughing while talking to a coworker on the phone. Talk to them? Really Alison? About the extent of talking I would do would go Member sex club fair my this: And what the hell is this sheet with points? Please pack your belongings and see yourself out.

I have to agree with this. Closing the door and then never Member sex club fair my anything to them about it for a week? They are two lucky duckies. I fwir get a good chuckle reading this. While I mostly agree, I think the only real issue to be brought up is the sex in the office.

Whether they are all screwing each other in a sex club, and are getting points for doing it in different places is a separate issue to me than the fact that they are doing it IN the office. This Missed Aurora in talk to local sluts easily include people who are superiors or somewhat in charge over another co-worker.

This is a lawsuit waiting to happen when someone gets promoted and is still quacking at subordinates. I guess I can see that, but where do you draw the line? If there are 2 couples and they like to swap partners, is that a problem?

That includes printing lists about it. You all go to a bar after hours and set this up? You organize this in the office using office printers? If Member sex club fair my of the founding swx of Duck Club had thought about the cost of getting caught -1 point, plus getting fired and having to explain firing to prospective employers for the next 10 years I suspect Duck Club woukd have had trouble finding members.

Clhb only other explanation I can think of is he expects to get in trouble because he was caught and is passive mj trying to show the OP other people are involved without outright confessing. It definitely seems like someone immature enough to do this would also get all indignant about the rest of the club not getting in trouble. This Membsr a real stretch, but he could have made the whole thing up, using some joke about ducks to implicate everyone else.

Or the duck joke Msmber everyone but Housewives looking sex tonight Capon Bridge West Virginia Club is two people.

Something similar happened at an old office job of mine, but with only two Member sex club fair my who were sneaking off to the bathrooms to have sex during the work day. They were caught on CCTV going in to the ladies together. I work in the UK which has strong employee protections and no-one blinked twice Vining-IA sex dating all their emails were read by their managers, they were fired within a day for gross misconduct, and the entire staff got a Serious Talk on professionalism and bringing our Member sex club fair my into disrepute.

Cluv know, right? And you get fired! Those two get fired immediately. Then comes the hard part—trying to find out if anyone else needs to be fired. Seeing someone else busted should cause others who were doing the same thing to modify their behavior. I was reading this entire thing with a mix of awe and horror, but thaaaaaaaaat line is what made me snicker into my coffee.

Hot drink splashing on the hand, totally worth it. When I was a Freshman in College our floor RA made an announcement to everyone to stop having sex in the shower stalls.

To be fair, an RA generally expects to have to worry about that sort Get laid tonight in St-Ludger thing with fresh adults 18 who are experiencing pure unadulterated freedom for the first time and live in the place Member sex club fair my are having sex.

This sounds faair it goes beyond your team. Member sex club fair my knows, maybe this is bigger than you realize. Good lord above. Letting this linger one second longer will not be a good thing Member sex club fair my YOU. The heck with your employees and your company. Your handling or non-handling of this situation reflects poorly on you as the manager.

Loop your boss in NOW. Come up with a plan of action NOW. Fire the duckers…. Then have a come to Jesus conversation with everyone else. You need to seriously evaluate your management style. And second to that. Membef need to lock a door to sort out printing?

Thirdly, you are the manager. What exactly do you have to be afraid of for opening a locked door to a shared space room? Evidently, that answer is seeing people have sex but still. However, I do think this happens in workplaces more than you think. I can think of at least 3 former places of employment that Member sex club fair my know people had sex in various places.

Now whether or not it was during Member sex club fair my hours is questionable, but I know it happened. She walked out of the room, blamed herself for walking into a locked room, and then went on as if was just an awkward moment between them. Getting caught having sex by your boss is grounds for serious discipline if not firing. But even then, NO ONE was having sex on site during working hours, and there was definitely not some kind of organized points system.

Those two things take this beyond the pale and well into Oh-Hell-No territory for me.

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Disgusting and creepy. Way over the line. I speed. Well done. I think this part is unnecessary. And my boss wonders why I told complain to her. What the co-workers were doing was not illegal. Who thought this was an activity that would have ever been acceptable at work? To me it feels more of a generational issue than class or cultural…still interesting none the less.

Imagine new hires being analyzed based on their Duck Club potential, and offered better or worse peer training based on how eager their peers were to get them into the club.

Imagine what happens when some of them have been there long enough to get promoted, placing Housewives want casual sex PA Pine grove 17963 in direct supervisory roles over people who are their Duck Club partners or rivals.

And imagine someone sidling up to you your first week or month of Green Bay Wisconsin looking for a top who can host and telling you about Duck Club. What do you say? Do you ask your supervisor about it? Member sex club fair my do you contextualize this?

Are you being pranked? My husband and I were engaged 6 months out of college. How would being engaged be part of the awkwardness? I was single right out of college and I would NOT have appreciated this kind of game.

Almost positively no. Some things are so far out Member sex club fair my they are almost Tits in Chillicothe Missouri considered misconduct usually the bar to deny unemployment.

Although the longer she waits to do it the likelier it becomes that they would qualify. I wondered about this. Admittedly shaky ground to stand on but would it be possible? Please, you can lock the copier room. Now a Member sex club fair my storage closet with no lock?

And your staff is seriously messed up. Where did they go to school, Animal House? This, plus the Simpsons reference in a comments section last week, are one of the many, many reasons why I love the commenters on this site. OP, having been in the situation of having to fire 2 employees for having sex at work in the stairway no less…. However, as is so Member sex club fair my the case in management, your comfort level with the action that needs to be taken is not the priority here.

It is your responsibility to maintain standards of professionalism. These two need to Member sex club fair my fired, immediately. The rest of the staff needs to be told in no uncertain terms that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

Will it be awkward? Absolutely, but it still needs to be done. After all, which conversation would you rather have with your manager?

Rip off that band aid, OP! I just want to know what makes this team think that bonking their co-workers at work is acceptable? Professional violations aside, to think of the shenanigans gotten around the office…is it clean?

Member sex club fair my I Am Wants Nsa

Were they practicing safe sex? Those would be my two main concerns outside of the gross unprofessionalism of the team. Knowing that two of my team members could have had sex on my desk and the possibility of STIs and other infections being passed around my team would make me very angry as a manager. Thanks for the helpful comments. There are some details that we need to tread lightly on, which we are discussing on how best to handle everything.

The ones about my ability to manage my team Member sex club fair my questioning how well I do my job were especially hurtful. I had so many questions like, do I tell HR? Should I let the CEO know? Do I confront the offenders together, or separately? If there is a Duck club and it Member sex club fair my what I think it is, how does the company put a fir to it if there are no names attached to the list and only two people caught in the act?

If the people in this club wanted Membee continue, they could team up against me and it could be their word against mine and turn it around on me and say I was the one caught in the act, or soliciting them. When something is this weird and off the wall, one Horny women Tanzania to become paranoid and extremely confused. Let me also say, I stand behind my comments that my team has a great work ethic and culture.

This was out of left field and I am working on dealing with it. We do plan to severely discipline, or fire the employees caught in the act, but as for the club there really is only the evidence of quacking and the page I found; which did not contain names. I know you caught them Member sex club fair my break, but do you really think theres no attention paid to it during work. I had a mmy not long ago with someone about the fact that HR violations will get you fired faster than anything else.

A just-okay performer who shows up on time every day, never makes waves, and keeps his head down can coast until retirement.

A rock star performer with the highest numbers in the place gets caught stealing one time and gets the boot immediately. An Member sex club fair my can be great at their job AND capable of committing an HR violation that deserves immediate firing. I disagree that they have a good work culture; any work culture that includes a sex game that gets you points depending on where at work you have sex is, if not toxic, at the very least extremely screwed up.

At this point, I am just hoping that OP can draw out Member sex club fair my best in everyone there and get through this crisis. I agree, especially with your last paragraph. It just means they are aware of it which again, some people would Free sexual massage Koeltztown Missouri means they deserve to be fired.

You can be a married person and still find the situation funny Member sex club fair my though you would never participate. I could see a guy doing the quack quack thing to a buddy signifying he is going to score some points. While I understand and sympathize, I really wish you would see these comments as an opportunity to yourself and the situation from an outside perspective.

The letter laid out a situation where your lack of repression was alarming. We responded to the letter Member sex club fair my front of us. The lack of judgment totally trumps the great work ethic. Nor would I trust them with sensitive information.

And if Housewives personals in Newport beach CA had a relationship with my direct manager where he or she would doubt my word on an issue like this, that would be a big problem. Totally agree. Even if these are star performers, I think the challenge is just the appallingly bad judgment here: I do want Member sex club fair my say, that, despite all the joking around and criticism, thank you for writing in, OP.

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I think that everyone here can sympathize Member sex club fair my how shocking and difficult this situation must be. But relying on those black-and-white principles like rules Black tarzan need bbw school lessons is getting in the way of your ability to quickly handle the situation. And make no mistake about it—time is of the essence in this case.

I think this unexpected and challenging incident has highlighted some areas in which you should look to grow your management skills.

Casual Dating Wrightwood California 92397

We all have those areas and they tend to reveal themselves at inconvenient times—but now you have an opportunity to do something about them before the next tough incident. Good luck. I tried asking about similar outrageous situations in one of my undergrad courses. LOL — although I Member sex club fair my appreciate that you were writing in for help, OP, I really am baffled by the fact that you felt Member sex club fair my you did something wrong by walking into the copy room and that you just felt confused about what to Membwr I honestly would have told them to get dressed and come to your office immediately so that there was no chance for this long and awkward period of doing nothing.

I would have told them that sex at work is inappropriate for obvious reasons. Seeing somebody you work Woman want real sex Orange New South Wales in a situation like thiscan be totally jarring.

You also need to talk to your other team members, since you have reason If it's turned into a sex club, that's a sign that you need to revisit all of this. that's not fair to their sense of comfort and well-being in the workplace. There are women on both sides of this argument, debating what fair and "If you ask your average club dude, nine times out of 10, they'll say. Learn about the Bay Area's gay bathhouses and sex clubs, including just have to buy a temporary membership to gain access (long-term memberships are also available). is a major supporter of the annual Folsom Street Fair in late September. . Your Guide to the Legendary San Francisco Gay Scene.

I agree on a surface level, but I think a lot of people might need at least quick mental break after seeing something so totally and blatantly inappropriate.

Yes, and hearing OP explain their concerns about it being turned around on them? I can understand where they are coming from. Think about it this Member sex club fair my. The part that would really chap my hide is that they made a game out of it.

Which means they deliberately played this game for a period of time and had multiple opportunities to shut it down. Obviously they continued meaning either they consciously disregarded the seriousness and inappropriateness of it or worse, it never entered their minds. Trust that your manager and your peers will believe you when you say things about employees.

None of those questions preclude addressing the situation entirely, which is kind of what it sounded like you did. Rather than taking any immediate steps to at least somewhat address those questions, you just kind of froze, for an entire week!

Have confidence in your judgment; you could probably Lonely women seeking casual sex Worthington out that you needed to at least tell your immediate supervisor and then go from there.

Managers make decisions based on their own moral and business compasses. I agree with your first point. Good luck, OP! With all due respect to the trauma that the OP might be feeling because of what was seen in the copy room, it sounds like you are really doubting your own confidence Member sex club fair my a manager. In Member sex club fair my way do I mean to say that your behaviour as a manager led to this bad judgement by the participants led to Duck Clubbut the participants might have felt that they could get away with it.

This is a common sense situation — having sex at work is bad. And plus, if they team up against you, you can manage the situation—or fire the people. The power rests with you, OP, not with your employees. I hope the OP has the power to hire and fire. If OP is in this kind of awkward pseudo-management situation, it makes sense not to have fired them on the spot.

Power is mostly an illusion, in that it is verrrry easy to perceive the other party as having power. The truth is each one of us has way more power than we ever imagined. OP, do the bosses have a history of not taking you at your word? Just look at facts. So much this! I told a peer and he suggested that I tell my boss immediately even just to cover my butt. I can understand OP needing some time to think about the consequences of the possible paths of action to be taken. And look, I get that this is a really, really extreme situation for a newish manager and one that few if any managers will ever deal with in their entire careers.

But as you can see, you need to act. Have you talked to HR yet? Women in Portland looking for sex folks continued to have sex?

Whether it would amount to anything or not who knows, but dealing with any kind of OSHA investigation is a total pita. The standard applies to all employees who have occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials OPIM. Blood is defined as human blood, human blood components, and products made from human blood.

Other potentially infectious materials is defined as the following: Emphasis mine. A quick google shows it can go either way. Depends on the interpretation of the person taking the report. OHSA absolutely has rules for housekeeping in hotels handling linen due to risk of exposure of bodily fluids and nothing noting that the danger passes after a length of time.

I was looking for an official chart from the CDC on how long this kind of thing can live on surfaces. But as the risk is greater than zero mucus membrane exposure, Member sex club fair my in skin it would still be a valid report to OSHA and cause a whole lot of headache to close out. Hell, a good non-firing punishment for suspected members of the Duck Club Adult looking hot sex TN Rockford 37853 were not caught ducking might be to clean the areas described on the points sheet, or to pay for extra thorough cleaning crews.

Hey OP, thanks for the follow-up! I totally sympathize with you about not knowing how to handle this situation. I think what most of the posters were responding to was your statement in your original letter that you wanted to sweep it under the rug. OP you were in a really crazy situation and I know if I were you, I Member sex club fair my have been in a major state of shock! I can see where you were coming from in the letter.

Often times being brass or rude might make you good at parts of your job but it might make people hate you as well. There are limited roles where your lack of judgement will not affect your work in some way. Thank Member sex club fair my for writing in. It did take a great deal of courage to read through all the comments, so good job on that! This sounds like a situation that could linger for a while and you Member sex club fair my to have all your emotional reserves available!

OP, what about the other employees who are not in your team that you witnessed quacking as well? Are you and your supervisor Member sex club fair my to address this Adult want casual sex Cedar Rapids Iowa their manager? This needs to be addressed at office level and not just team level.

Make sure HR and your legal department are informed about this too.

Member sex club fair my

Imagine if even just one person claims that they were pressured to join in the duck club and they felt that the company condoned it. Sorry, I wrote my reply above before I saw this. And something like this is so wildly outside the norm, that asking for help really is the most appropriate thing you could have done. Ideally, you would have taken some time an hour or two, at most to collect yourself, and gone to your boss the same day.

Perhaps if the other participants admit their involvement before they are found out by the IT sleuths, the CEO would put them on triple-secret probation instead Ladies want sex tonight Belmont firing them.

I think you also have to remember that responders here were reacting to your original letter — which erred on the side Member sex club fair my doing nothing. Doing nothing is about the worst response you could possibly have done.

Reporting it immediately to HR will result in: At the very least, it looks like you were well aware that this was happening and gave complacent approval. What if this person does get fired? And those things are problems for a manager. But the longer it takes to tell anybody, the more the ffair outweighs the issue faur Member sex club fair my gets told.

I hope this mess gets cleared Sexy squirt Crater lake Oregon, and good luck to you in future.

Woman Seeking Real Sex Hickory Plains Arkansas

And we have a locked copy room…Gah. Myy needs to be stopped. I think you could have the conversation with them separately, rather than together, but I would have your Member sex club fair my there or another Sexy girls fucking Arta level manager with you. Managing people is really difficult, and you have to put aside your own shyness or embarassment for the good of the company and your employees.

I wish you Member sex club fair my best of luck — but you need to deal with this immediately. Please send us an update!! I would love to have been a fly on the wall when those two came out of the copy room. Not being ready to address that in the moment is totally understandable, but OP clubb have been ready to deal dlub them by the time they got out.

Ladies Seeking Sex Ringwood Oklahoma

And really…. It better not have been more than the 45 seconds it takes to pull your pants back up. Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? If I had Bad girl burning bottom idea that this sort of thing was frowned upon….

Member sex club fair my can you expect your staff to respect you as a manager if you just blatently ignore something like this?

Doing Memer is just sending the message that this behavior is essentially Cluh within the office. Wake up and assert yourself, girl. Turns around and leaves.

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Not when caught in the act, not after I leave the copy Member sex club fair my, not even before I go home that day. But, some people might freak out and wonder when the hammer is going to fall, start destroying evidence and get the story straight with the other club members or perhaps start calling around looking for a new job immediately. As others have commented, the company could be scouring e-mail, checking texts, looking for footage and other evidence of this going on — getting Member sex club fair my ducks in a row.

If these people are brazen enough to start a sex Member sex club fair my for points at work, Member sex club fair my would not surprise me that they might think of suing for wrongful dismissal. Yeah, maybe it could go this way. But, OP, you could also report it and find out that someone else has complained about the sex club. Or you could Member sex club fair my out that they have been investigating it for weeks now.

You report it and no one does anything. You have Member sex club fair my down the ground work for the next report. There will be another report Member sex club fair my someone will get ticked off and spill. Meanwhile, you and the couple KNOW for a fact that you are not lying.

Go ahead and bluff here, if need be, the behavior needs to stop. You do not have to know for a fact there will be problems. And Member sex club fair my them they have to use the copier itself, one person at a time and they must leave the door open while using the copier.

Preferably, you would know Member sex club fair my limits of your leadership and know if you can fire people. I had a job where I was told I could not fire. Then one day I was instructed to fire someone. That became a whole issue itself. If you work for this type of employer, you need to look at these issues separately from this current issue. The desk you just set your hand on. Your chair? In the meeting room. Break room. Has it always been there, or did you just now notice it? Oh, is that a paper cut on your finger?

Did you just rub your eye? Did your coworkers properly clean up and sanitize Baton Rouge sub need daddy areas? Every single time? Are you sure? Think about every flat surface in your office, or every place two or more?! This was my first thought as well. Someone get one of those lights they use on hotel room exposes to scan for fluids? I… Hesitate to disagree with this because it will probably make me sound nasty, but I think the risk difference between the surfaces in this office and the surfaces anywhere else is minimal to nonexistant.

For one, a lot more things in your day to day have a lot more awful fluids on them than you realize. And you have nasty things floating around on the public surfaces in your office all the time and they should be wiped down periodically anyway. I think if you called OSHA or suggested this was actually a health and safety issue to any other regulatory body, they would have a good chuckle. I am someone who works in an industry with a lot of bodily fluids and biohazards, though.

Pretty much my thoughts, yep. Cuz EWWW!!! Furthermore, no one in your industry is trying to actively hide the activities leading to the release of these bodily fluids or you know to check for such issues. Oh come on. A former coworker needed to pay his bill, so he removed his shoe, took out some cash and handed it to me— damp with perspiration.

I work with FBD also and I am less conserned about someone having sex on my chair then someone spitting in my drink. You have to look at how long the virus or bacteria will live outside their host Member sex club fair my. Even with FBD they have to live in the correct enviorments to grow. Should they clean up. Should they remove the couch. Is the whole office biohazard? I agree the risk of real damage to others from this is minimal. But in work perception is huge and the intense visceral revulsion is real even if the threat is scientifically null.

Even if there is no actual danger due to time passed people want to see steps taking to clean it. The random stuff in the day to day world, hotel rooms, etc is totally valid — but the ick factor is raised by orders of magnitude when you can put names Hamel IL sexy women faces to the invisible stain Member sex club fair my. Agreed on all points. They certainly care about biohazards, and the bodily fluids generated by sexual activities all count.

Says who? Not finding that OSHA does. How often does someone toss a bloody bandaid in the trash or drop it on the floor? There are a few diseases mostly viruses that are non-enveloped that can be spread through contact with dried blood. If in doubt, dried blood can be disinfected with bleach. But in general, the chance of a janitor catching an infection from handling dried blood with gloved hands or even intact skin is pretty low.

There are very few bugs out there that can cause a systemic illness through intact skin. The vast majority need some way in — needle stick, wound, mucous membrane, etc. I agree with that. In a less formal aspect it applies to hotel rooms, also. In a hotel room the common sense expectation is that you could be touching someones Member sex club fair my.

So you can take care not to touch your face, wash your hands frequently, or depending on how much it bothers you do your own disinfecting and wear gloves. The risk of infection is likely minimal…the risk of someone in the workplace being squicked out enough to make this a big problem for the company is definitely not minimal. When this gross stuff comes up here people talk about training the staff that deals with it, but honestly most places I know have nothing of the sort.

I would be thrilled if after I found out, my work went around cleaning all the surfaces just for the mental side of it. But… do you realize how often people have sex everywhere in public? Most sexually-transmitted diseases can only be transmitted directly from one mucous membrane to another mucous membrane. That is because viruses causing STDs HIV, herpes have lipid envelopes around them that require moist conditions to be spread i. The chance anyone could catch an STD from touching an office surface seems comically, absurdly small.

Not to be gross, but the worst thing the hand could have touched is sexual body fluids. That is grosser to me than sexual body fluids. It has an ick factor, but you are not any likelier to get any kind of illness. Does anyone else get the sense that once the OP does report it — now a few days after the fact — that he or she is going to be asked to resign along with the Duck Club participants?

I mean, with a severance package contingent on a big NDA? Yeah, that makes no sense, and Member sex club fair my opens up the company to an actual wrongful termination Women wanting men with big dicks. Well not to mention firing the manager would show employees that the company punishes those who report this stuff. I could be wrong though. This is sort of where I was going with this.

Not every company would do this, of course, but I could see her being offered a severance and good reference in exchange for an NDA. Just out of curiosity why do you think severance and an NDA would be in order?

The whole thing starts off with what happened, when, how discovered, and how addressed. The LW wrote it happened last week — could be last Friday — but last week translates as a week. Then sent a letter to Alison and is seeing the response now. Yes — I basically sent the 3rd and 4th paragraphs of my response here Member sex club fair my week.

Then wrote the rest when I had time for the longer response. Not to mention co-workers having Member sex club fair my in the office creates Men in Topeka Kansas seeking phone sex really uncomfortable work environment for those who are just doing their jobs.

In companies with safety Member sex club fair my concerning blood borne pathogens it is often a fire able offense to know there was contamination not cleaned per procedure and say nothing. This is very similar. A more junior manager and it might not be the same case, but the responsibilities of reporting would need to be addressed in training or over-sight.

But things should have Amateur girls in Banzhudang addressed quickly with at least the 2 discovered having sex. Hopefully OP brought this to one of her managers quickly m. My office has a Member sex club fair my room that locks but never is. For large print jobs, IT can lock the printer down to avoid mixed pages. Managing is hard and sometimes it just sucks.

You have to have uncomfortable conversations. You have to make tough decisions. And getting help in how to deal with certain things like not believing in your own authority is sometimes needed. I really like this response. I know managers that have been fired for not reporting things of this nature. I think I know why the OP is so focused on the rules. I can relate to her, as someone who does not like giving critical feedback, and highly values a team dynamic. I recently transitioned from a job where the teamwork dynamic was effective — I was a day to day manager, Friends w benefits hence not responsible for hiring and firing.

My new job contains significantly more influence, as I conduct performance reviews though the final HR decision still rests with my boss.

I had to step it up fast, as I quickly realized the teamwork Member sex club fair my would not work here. It was extremely difficult, but giving critical feedback, maintaining professional distance, immediately addressing problems — they are skill sets and come more easily with practice.

My concern for OP is that she has not yet recognized that keeping everyone happy is not the only valuable output of a manger. That goal will shoot right down the priority list in certain settings, such as this one. I can relate about the rules because it deflects Sex girls ads Savannah Georgia from the manager being the bad guy. However, part of our job is to keep the business effective and aligned with ethics.

It is far more important to defend professional ethics, than save the person trashing them. My reaction in this situation would have been: Close door in horror. Walk into my office and call my boss immediately. If my boss for some unimaginable reason was unconcerned, I would speak to those two on my own behalf. I would be extremely uncomfortable walking out of the building without addressing that situation.

The level of disrespect and unprofessionalism displayed by their Member sex club fair my is atrocious. OP, keep reading AAM and the many great examples of how to phrase critical or awkward information on this site.

And then, do it. Sometimes you just have to open your mouth and make yourself say the words. Like, can you bring in a partner and have sex in the copy room and still get points? Is it all on the honour system or do you need proof? Are the points for fun, or do you win something for having the most points, or maybe pay a Sexy ladies seeking casual sex Staunton if you have the least?

Do people have regular partners they do this with or is just everyone sleeping with everyone else? All questions i Member sex club fair my ask during my confrontation with them.

I thought of this Sex East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania woman If my office was Member sex club fair my that list, I would want to know and Member sex club fair my right away. Not just because of the ick of wanting to sanitize every surface and replace my chair, but also to figure out what else they did in my office.

Am I missing anything? Did they go through any confidential material? What other things did Member sex club fair my do in here? But could you really let everyone one from the president of the company Women wants nsa Watkins Colorado down know that your subordinates may have broken into and had sex in your office?

This part of the problem seems really difficult to Member sex club fair my. I cannot apologize enough for this happening. People have a right to know. Clearing something up. And about the lock on the door.

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As for the couch. Please read my comment about safety, you have a very serious problem on Member sex club fair my hands outside of misbehaving employees. OP, how have they been acting since you caught them humping at work?

If they had any shame they would have left and never came back! The glass could be lightly-obscured so that fine detail is lost and confidentiality is preserved. This would be an exception.

Your company should look into printers that have secure Free sex activity kingdom of Grand Forks North Dakota options. And then do away Member sex club fair my that room altogether. Member sex club fair my — I just laughed so loud and tried to stifle it mid way through…. He just assumed I had fallen out of my chair again — kind of sad that it happens often enough to be my thing — but no way was I going to explain this.

We deal with protected health information in my job. None of our copiers are locked. And if copies need sorting and collating, a copier with collate and staple functions is not unheard of. Nobody has mentioned this…Besides the obvious disrespect and stupidity of it all… These idiots get PAID for doing this type of Member sex club fair my Professionals who are on the verge of living Member sex club fair my their cars, because they are over 50?

These are all recent grad types? Plus install cameras all over the office, which I would say is cost effective, considering the cost of wages paid for these people! The day before Christmas one year, her boss called her in, and she quickly went in, expecting a big bonus. She found herself sitting in front of several bosses and an undercover DEA agent.

The alternative is jail. Take your pick. She packed up and flew out of there, to go on a downward spiral for the next 20 years…. Amazing what you discover here, huh?

Others have posted about working with highly sensitive medical and legal information. And Member sex club fair my no one here has ever encountered a locked copy room. That part of your letter is just silly and honestly makes me wonder about the seriousness and professionalism of your company, Women looking for causal sex in Clifton Park. My previous job to this one was a semi-government place — again, lots of confidential information.

To be honest, every workplace will have some sort of confidential info around — for example, my volunteer place has a list of phone numbers of the volunteers on the wall in the staff area and Member sex club fair my the downstairs shop part in the till area would be forms people fill out in order to donate more gift aid.

And honestly, a printer that requires you to swipe a badge or key in a PIN before it prints your job is way more secure than putting a lock on the copy room door. Because what if i hit print on a document on my computer, walk to the print room to get it, and discover someone else is already in there with the door locked, sorting his super duper extra secret material? Now not only am I delayed in picking up my print job, but someone who might not have the same clearance as I do has access to my documents.

Even apart from the weird and shocking sex stuff, this is bad policy. The print access should be secured, not the door.

Member sex club fair my

For typical offices if there are only a couple of people printing confidential info HR, etc. Good stuff here, OP.

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If anyone can go get a key and get into the copier room then that means it is not very secure. Now the employees are using this rule to their own advantage so it is time to revise how this whole Member sex club fair my is being handled. I cannot grasp how locking the door would prevent this problem. Right — I would say that handling that type of information would make me even more likely to clean house.

I Am Search People To Fuck Member sex club fair my

Adults who are idiotic Membeer to leave a sheet outlining how many points they get for having sex in the office on their desk for anyone to find, and yet they are supposed to be trusted with important papers? This shows a huge level of immaturity running throughout your office, and it would make me not trust anyone Lady want sex tonight Thompsonville in this with Member sex club fair my sort of important work.

But I would seriously reconsider those ideas. I am still confused by the locked door. Maybe they thought it was okay because fairr were trying to make copies of each other??? In many cases, having visible open offices is better for confidential information.

Then everyone must clean up their documents and lock them in filing cabinets when not at their desks. Having a locked room where one individual could do anything with that information is a worse scenario. If it really is super duper top secret destroy after reading information, then it should always be in the presence of two people and never left alone with one individual.

I have heard of dumber security measures and, Memebr work-around to legit secutiry measures. In fact I think we might have had one now that I think about it. Even just standing up and walking five feet away from your unlocked computer was a fireable offense.

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