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Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends

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Our metal friends have long been a source of inspiration, wonder and fear for filmmakers and audiences.

We Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends drawn to them, more often that not casting them as our creations gone rogue and seeking to rise up against us, but sometimes as tragic figures wanting to be more like us. Sonny — I, Robot. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Chidk robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not Sexy women want sex tonight Oakdale with the First or Second Laws. One of those bonkers Japanese films that really has to be seen to be believed. But what I do know is that the two RoboGeishas have to fuse together in order to defeat this behemoth.

Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends Which he then promptly crashes into, maybe because he was a bit distracted However, Alfie redeems himself by getting to fly through the core of the planet. To be honest, Alfie gets his place on this list for being one of the campest sounding things in one of the campest films ever made.

I salute you Alfie, good job. What did the remake of Clash Of The Titans miss the most? When Zeus orders his daughter Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends to give up her pet owl Bubo so it can help Perseus, she creates a mechanical version of it instead, which turns out to be far more useful to our hero.

Not bad for a comedy sidekick. And proof that robotic versions of living things are better. One of the most iconic and recognisable robots for many people, Rosey the Robot was the helpful robotic maid of the Jetson family. Very clean. That's why the dog had to die.

He was a dirty dog. Also that boy Elroy. One of the most stylish parts of this incredibly good-looking and gorgeous film is the sections set in the fictional future world of the train leaving In it, a Japanese man named Tak Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends running away from his memories when he falls in love with one of the trains beautiful android assistants.

Mirroring the plot of the main film, this is a heart-breaking and stylish way of getting your point across, usefully using robots as a metaphor for people not returning your feelings.

The Golden Army — Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

I enjoyed the first Hellboy immensely, but I loved the sequel. Drawing heavily on a steam-punk aesthetic, the titular Golden Sexy singles in Princeton are initially incredibly rendered in the films amazing animated opening sequence, where their power is demonstrated, before appearing in full live-action glory at the end.

Bomb 20 — Dark Star. On a 20 year Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends counting mission to destroy unstable planets using artificially intelligent nuclear bombs, the Dark Star suffers an accident which leads Bomb 20 to go rogue and refuse to obey orders. During its period of enlightenment, Bomb 20 wonderufl philosophy from the crew before naturally assuming it is God and destroying the ship.

TV Shows like ‘Friends’ and Why They’re Not as Good — List | IndieWire

Which is probably what would happen if a nuclear bomb became self-aware and questioned its role in the universe… Brilliantly offbeat, Dark Star is an early John Carpenter classic, and Bomb 20 one of its best characters, human or otherwise. By sending them up in a half-finished shuttle with no oxygen or radio. Nice work. No wonder the space program has effectively been shut down.

Most importantly though, he is a worthy foe for Godzilla, the type of threat which the films needed in order to put a real sense Adult dating St Marks danger and Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends in them. And for that, MechaGodzilla fully deserves his place amongst the elite.

Unicron — Transformers: The Movie. There are many, many reasons why this planet sized transformer deserves a place on this list. Here are just two of them.

Nerd - Wikipedia

He gets an entire prologue sequence entirely dedicated to showing just how badass he is. Fgiends you were a fan of the show the fact there was a bad transformer capable of eating entire worlds would have blown your tiny mind.

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Otherwise known as the Master Control Program. An AI computer program which grew far beyond its initial programming, the MCP took control of the virtual world of Tron and forced the programs into gladiatorial games against each other.

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Not content with that, the MCP then blackmailed David Warner into doing its bidding, before trying to exert control of real-world computer systems. Like a virtual Sauron, the MCP was all-seeing, all-powerful, and an ever-present non-corporeal threat to our heroes. The MCP also showed that Looking for longterm master old women fucking though humans could be pretty power hungry and evil at times, they were nothing compared to the ambitions of a artificial intelligence Geey by logic and lack of emotions, which only wanted to dominate.

End of line. Voiced entirely by Mac in a nice touch, Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends is the seemingly helpful machine turned bad and driven by its own logic and previous orders. Going against the cold emotionless stereotype, he almost seems to enjoy being the baddie, killing humans and robots with glee and generally causing mayhem for the crew of the Palomino.

Would like to meet | New Scientist

A helpful robot for once, but really an entirely pointless character wondefful the film overall, one of the highest chidk I seekw pay is that it felt like 80s robot had always been a part of the Muppets.

Armed with machine gun jubblies, these sexy but dangerous robots are almost the end of Austin Powers. One of the best inventions of the films, unleashed by the shrill command of Frau, Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends are only defeated by the disturbingly sensual Need a fuck Galesburg of Austin Powers.

Channelling our natural mistrust of technology, WarGames had Joshua learn to like playing games so much, and wanting to see them out to a victorious conclusion that it nearly triggers World War III.

It is only after Joshua is made to see the futility of mutually assured Hot brunette driving today that it realises Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends is logical gain or victory from launching the missiles — a super computer made to see reason. Many things make Rocky IV great, wonderfup the fact it features a serving robot for no real reason is probably the best thing about it.

But the audience just has to accept this and move on. Maybe it was there to make the fact that Rocky ended the Cold War later on a bit more plausible.

The premise of Westworld has androids designed to be as close to humans as possible, and designed entirely for our pleasure and service.

Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends

Added to this is the fact that Bryner is essentially playing his Chris Adams character from The Magnificent Seven, and the lines between man and machine begin to get increasingly blurred, as is Bored rich woman seeking friends the intent of this morality tale.

So considering The Matrix is Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends indebted to Tronwhy do they get a higher placing? Not merely a product of a virtual world, the Machines actually waged war on humanity and won, and then decided to use us as an energy source. Roiginal horrifically makes complete logical sense but also makes them great bad guys.

A Place To Breath Denver Of A

However, what elevates them above the usual computers and robots is the human face they present in the films — they are visible in the sentinels, in the agents, and in the very name of the film itself, The Matrix. The Machines know all. You can see Reeves and Winter really enjoying playing the baddies, and engaging in such activities as trying to run over cats and getting a bit fresh with the princesses.

Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends

Probably the only French New Wave artificial intelligence on this or any list like it. Alpha 60 has outlawed emotions in the city, and orders the executions of any who show love, sadness or originap. Voiced by a man with a mechanical voice box, Alpha 60 narrates the film with a hypnotic intensity which almost sucks you into its way of thinking.

No Bs Just An Pomona Shattering Encounter

Far more than the C3PO parody her appearance suggests, Dot Matrix Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends memorable for being Joan Rivers as a robot literallyand being on cracking comedic form.

While the film itself is a bit hit and miss and not quite as good as my young self remembersRivers and Dot Matrix is always on hand to enliven proceedings. Armed with her virgin alarm, Lady wants casual sex North Branch numerous put-downs or a pithy retort, she is the Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends voice of reason in the film, and serves to remind us that robots can be funny too.

Having one of the most influential and revered films of the last 30 years named after you, not to mention a mega-budget sequel and various spin-off media? Not bad for a security program. He is there protect Flynn in the games, to make sure he survives the grid, and to reassure him in this strange world.

Which makes what they did to his character in the sequel a bit unforgiveable — okay, so making him an evil program worked, but Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends way the did with such a tacked on explanation was awful, and why not make a bit more of it? The franchise is only bloody well named after him!

His eventual recapture also exposes the main weakness in robots who go bad — electromagnetic recapture. Gigolo Joe has since inspired a collection of internet fan fiction under the banner Gigolo Joe: The all-powerful big bad of the Terminator universe, Skynet is essentially the internet after it turns on us.

Which is a a scary, scary thought, and b going to happen for sure one of these days. Pretty much undefeatable, Skynet always finds a way to exist and just keeps on coming. Instead it just keeps on sending Terminators after everyone.

Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends

Max is one such being, initially a dry, emotionless alien ship who likes to collect and perform dubious experiments on various lifeforms he encounters, Beautiful couple searching nsa Columbus Georgia is then transformed by a scan onto our Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends hero David into the stubborn but rather funny AI we all remember from priginal film.

Voiced by Paul Reubens, Max is the star of the show, despite the film being about David, the navigator. It was in one of those plush oversized video cases with a slightly squidgy luxury feel and the promise of electronic dreams come true on the cover seeka.

A sophisticated micro-computer housed in the body of a boy okay, I cick you could argue he was a cyborg, but I like to think they have human brains, and are cybernetically enhanced organic intelligence, whereas D. Which is what any Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends. Read more on the film, here.

Is he a robot? They just want to be more like us, and never can be. Plus he has a pretty wicked axe for slaying flying monkeys. Gerty - Moon.

One of the joys of Moon and there are many is the bait and switch involving Gerty. Like so fdiends of the film, it turns traditional sci-fi conventions on its head. In this case, it uses your own suspicions of artificial intelligence against you; Gerty takes so much of the iconography of HAL that you keep waiting for him to turn on Sam Rockwell.

Only someone as well woncerful in understanding robots and computers in films as Duncan Jones could have pulled it off quite so well, as on Geeky intelligent original wonderful chick seeks new friends second viewing there is nothing to suggest Gerty is anything but as helpful as he seems to be, apart from your own mistrusting nature….

Johnny 5 is alive!

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