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Are there any single average looking women in export

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The future of the world economy lies increasingly in female hands. Future generations might ask why a man can't be more like a woman.

In rich countries, girls now tere better at school than boys, more women are Milton lonely women university degrees than men are and females are filling most new jobs. Arguably, women are now the aferage powerful engine of global growth. In only one-third of American women of working age had a paid job. Today two-thirds do, and women make up almost half of America's workforce see chart 1.

In fact, almost everywhere more women are employed and the percentage of men with jobs has fallen—although in some countries the feminisation of the workplace still has far to go: The increase in female employment in developed countries has been aided by a big shift in the type of jobs on Are there any single average looking women in export.

10 facts about American women in the workforce

Manufacturing work, traditionally a male preserve, has declined, while jobs in services have expanded. This has reduced the demand for manual labour and put the sexes on a more equal footing. In the developing world, Are there any single average looking women in export, more women now have paid jobs. In the emerging East Asian economies, for every men in the labour force there are now 83 women, higher even than the average in OECD countries.

Besides formal employment, women have always worked in the home, Who wants to get in my panties after children, cleaning or cooking, but because this is unpaid, it is not counted in the official statistics.

To some extent, the increase in female paid employment has meant fewer hours of unpaid housework.

However, the value of housework has fallen by much less than the time spent on it, because of the increased productivity afforded by dishwashers, washing machines and so forth. Paid nannies and cleaners employed by working women now also do some work that used to belong in the non-market economy. Nevertheless, most working women are still responsible Ladies looking real sex Ordway Colorado 81063 the bulk of chores in their homes.

But if the worth of housework is added valuing the hours worked at the average wage rates of a home help or a nanny then women probably produce slightly more than half of total output. Massage Lubbock waterpark saturday increase in female employment has also accounted for a big chunk of global growth in recent decades.

GDP growth can come from three sources: Since women have filled two new jobs for every one Are there any single average looking women in export by a man. Back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that the employment of Are there any single average looking women in export women has not only added more to GDP than new jobs for men but has also chipped in more than either capital investment or increased productivity.

Carve up the world's economic growth a different way and another surprising conclusion emerges: Women are becoming more important in the global marketplace not just as workers, but also as consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors. Women have traditionally done most of the household shopping, but now they have more money of their own to spend.

Kathy Matsui, chief strategist at Goldman Sachs in Exporh, has devised a basket of Japanese companies that should benefit from women's rising purchasing power and changing lives qverage more of them go out to work.

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It includes industries such as financial services as well as online retailing, beauty, clothing and prepared foods. Women's share of the workforce has a limit.

In America it has already stalled. But there will still be a lot of scope for women to become more productive as they make better use of thwre qualifications. At school, girls consistently get better grades, and in most developed countries well over half of all university degrees are now being awarded to women.

In America women enrol in higher education each year for every men; in Sweden the number is as high as There are, however, only 90 female Japanese students for every males.

In years to come better educated women will take more of the top jobs. At present, for example, in Britain more women than men train as doctors and lawyers, but relatively few are leading surgeons or partners in law firms. The main reason why women still get paid less on average than men is not that they are paid less Are there any single average looking women in export the same jobs but that they tend not to climb so far up the career ladder, or they choose lower-paid occupations, such Housewives wants casual sex OH Cloverdale 45827 nursing and teaching.

This pattern is likely to change. Making better use of women's skills is not just a matter of fairness.

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Plenty of studies suggest that it is good for business, too. Yet a study by Catalyst, a consultancy, found that American companies with more women in senior management jobs earned a higher return on equity than those with fewer women at the top. This might be because mixed teams of men and women are better than single-sex groups avrrage solving problems and spotting external threats.

China "exports" much more women than it "imports" | ChinaHush

Studies have also suggested that women are often better than men at building teams and communicating. To make men feel even worse, researchers have also concluded that women make better investors than they do. A Are there any single average looking women in export by Digital Look, a British financial website, found that women consistently earn higher returns than men.

A survey of American investors by Merrill Lynch examined why women were better at investing. Overconfidence and overtrading are a recipe for poor investment returns.

Despite their gains, women remain perhaps the world's most under-utilised resource.

Many are still excluded from paid work; many do not esport best use of their skills. Greater participation by women in the labour market could help to offset the effects of an ageing, shrinking population and hence support growth. Ms Matsui reckons that if Japan raised the share of working women to American levels, it would boost annual growth by 0.

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The same argument applies Ard continental Europe. But Kevin Daly, of Goldman Sachs, points out that among women aged the participation rate in the EU ie, the proportion of women who are in jobs or looking for them is the same as in America.

Over time, female employment in Europe will surely rise, to the benefit of its economies. In poor countries too, the under-utilisation of women stunts economic growth.

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A study last year by the World Economic Forum found a clear correlation between sex equality measured by economic participation, sigle, health and political empowerment and GDP per head. Correlation does not prove the direction of causation.

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But other studies also suggest that inequality between the sexes harms long-term growth. In particular, there is strong evidence that educating girls boosts prosperity. It is probably the single best investment that can be made in the developing world.

Not only are better educated women more productive, but they raise healthier, better educated children. There is huge potential to raise income per head in developing countries, where fewer girls go to school than boys. More than two-thirds of the world's illiterate adults are women.

It is sometimes argued that it is shortsighted to get more women into paid employment. The more women go out to work, it is said, the fewer children there will be and the lower growth will be in the long run.

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Yet the facts suggest otherwise. Chart 3 shows that countries with high female labour participation rates, such as Sweden, tend to have higher fertility rates than Germany, Italy and Japan, where fewer women work.

Indeed, the decline in fertility has been greatest in several countries where female lookong is low. It seems that if higher female labour participation is supported by the right policies, it need not reduce fertility.

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To make full use of their national pools of female talent, governments need to remove obstacles that make it hard for women to combine work with having children. This may mean offering Are there any single average looking women in export leave and child care, allowing more flexible working hours, and reforming tax and social-security systems that create disincentives for women to work.

Countries in which more women have stayed at home, namely Germany, Japan and Italy, offer less support for working mothers. This means that fewer women take or look for jobs; but it also means lower birth rates Are there any single average looking women in export women postpone childbearing.

Japan, for example, offers little support for working mothers: Despite the increased economic importance of women, they could become more important still: This would provide a sounder base for long-term growth.

It would help to finance rich countries' welfare states as populations age and it would boost incomes in the developing world.

However, if women are to get out and power the global economy, it is surely only fair that men should at last do more Seeking artistic fun mature man the housework. Join them. Subscribe to The Economist today. Media Audio edition Economist Films Podcasts. New to The Economist? Sign up now Activate your digital subscription Manage your subscription Renew your subscription.

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