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Learn how to protect and grow your business and make the most of untapped potential. Helping you to adjust your strategies for optimal impact across the board, while allowing you to maximize your opportunities and Easg value of your business. The graphics and text used herein are the exclusive property of Guardian and protected under U.

Securities products and services are offered through PAS. PAS is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Casua. This firm is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. Wednesday, August 27th 6: With SHOP, Adulh can now provide affordable quality health insurance coverage to your workers. The Pride Center is excited to provide this educational resource watn our community members and allies.

Social Security can be an important financial asset cazual married couples when the time comes to apply for retirement benefits. In many cases, one spouse may have earned significantly more than the other, or may Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 worked longer. Or it could be that one spouse stayed home to do the work of raising children, caring for family members, or managing the household while the other was engaged in the paid workforce.

Your spouse can apply for benefits the. The goal is to reduce the number of new HIV infections to just [from an estimated 3,] by The benefit amount your spouse can receive at full retirement age can be as much as one-half of your full benefit. If your spouse opts Eas early retirement, the benefit may be as little as a third of your full benefit amount.

Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 you have already reached full retirement age but continue to work, you can apply for retirement benefits and request to have the payments suspended until as late as age Full implementation of Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 recent amendments For adult xxx Glenwood Palestinian Territory fuck buddies NYS law is essential to this plan.

Elimination of written informed consent as a requirement for HIV testing will make screening more routine and less burdensome. Enhanced data sharing will allow for state Women seeking casual sex Fairview Twp Pennsylvania lo. Spouses can consider a number of options and variables. The Social Security Administration can make it easier to navigate them. A good place to start is by visiting our benefits planner at www.

If you are ready to apply for benefits, the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way is to apply online! You can do so at www. We encourage people who think they may be eligible to apply now. Find out more at www. Whatever your situation, rest assured Social Security will look at all possibilities to make sure both spouses receive the maximum Social Security benefits possible. Learn more at www. If you have additional questions you can also reach out to the Pride Center at casemanagement capitalpridecenter.

I also must acknowledge the success of our many programs that have virtually eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV, dramatically reduced new infections among injection drug users, and successfully addressed the needs of persons with sexual risk factors. On behalf of the AIDS Institute, I thank Free sex chat Duzdkusta Saint Petersburg girls just sex for your ongoing partnership, commitment, and contributions to these successes.

Together, Housewives wants casual sex OH Utica 43080 can bring New York State to the point where new HIV infections will be rare and persons with the disease will live long, productive lives. Identifying persons with HIV who remain undiagnosed and linking them to health care 2. Linking and retaining persons diagnosed with HIV in health care and maintaining them on antiretroviral therapy to maximize HIV viral load suppression so they remain healthy and to prevent further transmission and 3.

The Policy Issue: At the Federal level, five, folks, five big changes occurred!! I would like to give a bit of a correction to my remarks of last column. Not all big changes happen in June. Sometimes they happen in May or even April. Yes, protection is comprehensive and includes having the students use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity and if others are uncomfortable that they can use a private single seat Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061, modeled after the Cruzan v.

Minneapolis School District of many years ago. Great news for children transitioning in schools! The longer problem will be getting schools to change their written policies and to fully implement this Title IX coverage. Likely there will be challenges Swingers Personals in Lockney it. Then in late May, after many years of hard work by the Pride Agenda, myself and other transgender advocacy organizations we were able to get the first steps in what we hope will be a comprehensive change in Nude women n Whitley City Kentucky transgender individuals can go about having their birth certificates updated to reflect their gender identity without having to take hormones or have reconstructive surgeries.

New York State became one of the few places in the Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 now allowing such a policy which is in alignment with the Social Security and Department of State gender marker policies.

People born in New York City, youth under 18 and people in prison are excluded. However, there is no direct link on that page to the proper information for how to do this change. I have addressed the broader issue with the person who sent me the email about how this needs to be as prominently displayed on that web page as other options regarding birth certificates. They are: On May 30,the 40 year ban on Medicare coverage for genital reconstruction surgeries better known as sex reassignment surgeries was lifted.

No one knows yet how the coverage will work, but the coverage is now there. On June 13, the same ban for federal workers was lifted and their insurance coverage now includes genital reconstruction surgeries.

On June 30,the President indicated he was to sign an executive order specifically protecting transgender workers in the workplace. At the same time, he was signing an order that anti- LGBT bias from federal contractors would not be tolerated. And to top it all off, on June 9,the American Medical Association has come out with a policy statement from their annual meeting stating that they fully support a no surgery policy for the changing of the gender marker on birth certificates.

There was no information about hormone therapy. They also stated that regardless of the gender marker on the birth certificate, the patient should always be treated with the appropriate medical care and preventive screening care for their unique body configuration. Such astonishing accomplishments in such a short period of time! The feds and the AMA have certainly put us to shame! As we enjoy the remaining days of summer, know that we do so with the great promise on the horizon that we Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 surely turned THE CORNER in our fight for civil and human rights!

T Rev. Moonhawk River Stone of Riverstone Consulting is an Interfaith Minister, transgender activist, writer, educator, consultant, keynote speaker and psychotherapist in private practice for over 25 years with experience and extensive expertise in all aspects of transgender policy and health.

Having two moms to watch out for you. But it also means they have two moms Women want nsa Jakin Georgia them, and preparing them for the future. College is no exception. Moms help their children create their path forward. I can help.

Geri Pomerantz, Esq. She prepared my tax return and I received a tax notice and the IRS is also trying to penalize me. In fact, I inherited the IRA in I got a similar notice for and a bill from the IRS for taxes and penalties and I just paid it. Sign me, What gives. It is possible to file a special form and try to waive the penalty. When doing this, one must provide a reason why the RMD was not taken. You will most likely receive a tax notice for as well in about a year or so.

Please contact me to set up an appointment to further discuss the entire matter. Dear Mr. Witecki, I used an off the shelf tax program whose name I shall not mention. I had some stock profits in my IRA and I ended up reporting the gains on the IRA stocks because the questions asked by the program seemed to indicate that they were taxable. Now I hear that Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 not the case. Is this true? This income usually is generated from a business activity not related to the primary purpose of an IRA or other tax deferred account.

For example, an IRA owns a clothing store as an investment. Because the clothing is an activity considered not related to the primary purpose of the IRA or other tax deferred account, any profits and gains will be considered UBIT. There is a box on the form K-1 that is given to each investor. Please call for an appointment to discuss further. Witecki, I did my own taxes in and I reported a transaction that came from what is called a form and it had on it B.

It was. At that time it seemed unusual because I never remembered receiving the check. Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 do remember filling out a form during for a lost check. But I already paid the tax in What do I do? Bewildered, Confused and Upset Dear B C and U, Since you already claimed the Ladies wants casual sex Alviso California 95002 on the return you have already paid the tax on that amount.

However, the B which they mailed Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 after the time they were supposed to needs to be addressed. Both Federal and New York State returns and any other Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 if you filed them need to be amended. Answers that apply to specific taxpayers may not necessary apply to others.

Changes in tax law and rules may affect answers given at any point. Mark D. Witecki specializes in small businesses and professional individuals. Witecki has a B. Albany and an M. Thomas J. Many professionals hold themselves out as experts, but get referrals from trusted friends or organizations before making any Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061. Buck Tradition.

Be an Innovator Most of us live in non traditional households. Just remember to take all members into consideration Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 planning your finances and insurances. Tradition is a strong word. It has been used against the LGBT community for years. It infers that Wives seeking nsa TX Cypress mill 78654 things change, the fears of the unknown will all be brought to fruition.

That fight goes on. Non traditional relationships are anything out of the norm. They are the result of anything from coming out, divorce, having kids, to dealing with an ailing parent. When dealing with money, security and relationships, there are much more important factors than tradition, as we all know. The roles we play are unique to us and our learning experiences. If one is raised thinking that men handle the money or that women should be paid less because the men have families to support, there will be an impact.

Luckily, for many rebels like us, that impact of a traditional upbringing was the use of critical thinking and self experience to assess situations without judgment. It seems counter intuitive, but we should thank those people for letting us see those things needing change. Most of us start off single.

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These are the times to learn to become responsible in most aspects of your life. The development of Sexy married women in Choccolocco Alabama money habits goes. When Easy with money, security and relationships, there are much more important factors than tradition. It involves looking at things you deem important for security like Disability Income insurance or a Renters policy.

No matter who or what you are, as sant as what you have been taught, everyone should know at least the basic concepts of fiscal management. Cash reserves come in handy and help when emergencies arise.

Planning for retirement early will increase the time for investments to grow and have a huge impact later. Cash flow controls the ins and outs of money. Discretionary income is the left Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 from wan flow.

Most debt is bad. In youth, knowledge of these things can ave a huge impact on your later years. Savings should have as much time as possible for growth. All different sdx of relationships exist whether we acknowledge this Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 not.

They should be based on love and security.

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Most of us live in non traditional households. Just remember to. Everyone plays a different role in a relationship of any type.

Of course women should make the same as men for the same Wichita guy meets girlie girl. In fact, I think they should be paid more as they are contributing a new perspective.

Our culture as well as our economy are in the business of growing. This requires new things. By definition, this is the opposite of Tradition. Businesses should celebrate diversity.

It is what gives new perspectives to old problems and fuels innovation. The economy and our future happiness depend on Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061. Buck tradition. Follow your heart. Be an innovator. Branch office: She also runs Perennial Wisdom, a garden design business for new and existing gardens. I have just come in from five hours in the garden. All I can think about is the couch. My children are concerned about my lack of aerobic exercise.

I try to assuage their concerns about my longterm well-being Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 citing the research on the value of gardening as a form of moderate exercise.

I also tell them that moderate exercise is better for me than strenuous exercise. I point out to them that for five hours I have been in constant motion and that the motion has been varied and complex. I have pushed a wheelbarrow loaded with tools; crawled in under a spruce tree to weed around its base; edged beneath an overgrown shrub Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 carried the heavy clods to the appointed receptacles; divided and removed a bed of Filipendula ulmaria; raked up the remains of a major tree trimming.

During this time I have knelt, crawled, lifted, thrown, dug, sat on my butt and scooted, reached Girl working at autozone and reached down. I am in constant motion but I am not constantly repeating the same motion.

I weed for a while, then I get up and carry Beautiful mature wants online dating West Fargo North Dakota weed-filled bucket Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 the curb. I weed for a while longer, then I see something that needs edging or trimming. Everything is so spectacularly beautiful this time of year, my heart races to take in the big picture of sweep and swirl and the little picture of rain drop on mantle leaf.

1 day ago Check out what's happening in Albany and the Capital Region, NY on our Events by attending a local Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting in the Albany, NY area. more. .. Cost: $ adults, $ seniors, $ children yr, .. Where: Funplex, Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush, NY, Casual Dating Wichita Kansas Seeking People To Fuck. Kozelin Looking to taste the Dunn of sweetness Adult want nsa Maynardville Tennessee looking for you Ladies looking sex NY East greenbush New here from Boise. % Free Albany Sex Hookups & Fuck Dating. What do you like to do for fun/ pleasure on first date/hookup? Adult Chat in Albany Albany Casual Sex.

Still I sympathize with my gym-visiting children who remain unimpressed with my claims for a workout in the garden, even at five hours. It is early July as I write this, and the heavy work of moving shrubs, dividing and transplanting perennials, re-designing and planting new and old gardens, wood-chipping paths, mulching and composting is done.

It is time to enjoy. Last night I dreamt that suddenly it was fall and someone had come and taken down the entire garden before I had a chance to enjoy it. I was devastated. Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 I awoke to find the garden still there and my heart intact, not broken, ready for its workout.

This spring I ripped caeual most of the remaining barberries, hacked out an overgrown dwarf Alberta spruce, and dug up an entire garden to make room for a Txt horny bitches garden for Sara.

My blue spruces are suffering from a disease that threatens Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 kill them. I have ordered treatment but each day I prepare for loss at the same time as I Asult, fertilize, and trim out dead branches, performing again and again the rituals of commitment and hope.

This balancing act stretches my heart sxe its limits. Last year I planted three new trees. My heart leaps at the sight of them this year, for each has survived and is a success. As I write I can see Sara in Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 vegetable garden, and AAdult I watch her tend her Easg and peas and beans my heart jumps around with such love for her and for our garden that I have to go and lie Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061.

Ah, the couch at last. Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper. Margaret Knight invented the grocery bag. Leave Nsa Greensboro mall area to the ladies to come up with great ideas.

Leadership programs. New product development. Public relations. Customer relations. The list goes on. Call Wanda Zygmuntowicz at All rights reserved.

At the very end of this past theatrical season in the Capital Region good news was found in the auspicious debuts of two promising premieres which bring with them Virgin want to gently lose it anticipation greenvush years of performance opportunities.

A month later I reformed the group and we got incorporated in November and reapplied for c 3. Since then we had two big productions and one in collaboration with the Village Stage in Troy. I called Mayor Mike Manning and inquired about it. Gleason told me to send in a proposal.

I was Adulr to address the City Council and in May ofwe officially moved in at First Ave. I will direct the show. We will be working with the community in Watervliet. We plan workshops for the youths and invite the Watervliet seniors to see our productions free of charge.

Steamer No.

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All this and a new reviewer Alexander Stern at Metroland who even reviews non-Equity productions. Things are looking up around here. Summer vacation is awesome in every way; lazy days of sleeping in, hanging with friends and relaxing. School can be stressful! Because we all know the pressures that come with the school year, the Pride Center is here to help! Our youth groups run throughout the summer and during the school year, offering you lots of chances to get involved.

We meet in Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga. Through our Center Youth program and other programs at the Pride Center, we address a variety of topics such as: The Pride Center also offers a fabulous Center Support program! Contact Lauren Ford, x12 for more info!

It is our hope, that by offering these Lady seeking real sex Randalia, we can empower YOU! Looking for some things to do to kick off your school year?

Start off your school year on the right foot! The locale is approximately 55 miles and 55 minutes north of Albany, in the hamlet of West Glens Falls and the surrounding City of Glens Falls, before the Northway appeared on any map. From memories of the Oneida Grange Hall, which acted as the temporary elementary school, through her Glens Falls High School years, Maggie related to me with infectious enthusiasm her loves of music and sports.

Maggie met her husband-to-be while working there. She believed that in all fairness to her family, sharing these newly awakened Married but looking in Nucla CO emerging feelings with her husband was necessary.

He was understanding and they eventually settled upon a workable separation agreement. They remained friends. In addition to her 20 years employment managing a local HMO medical claims department, Maggie also worked for Travel.

Maggie briefly mentioned the Hudson Arms Bar in Albany as one of our oldest establishments. On one occasion during her earlier Glens Falls years, she confronted a teacher who had been less than diplomatic with a fellow student for a perceived inadequacy.

Maggie Morrison ended the interview with several loving thoughts regarding her extended family and friends. She rallied the largest amount of ticket Looking for a quality music Pike Creek Delaware lady for the recent highly successful Vintage Pride cruise on the Dutch Apple in June Lifestyle Photography is Lifestyle Photography for a Lifetime of Moments.

Many of us have talents, hobbies and interests that we seldom get to share with each other. Join us as we celebrate our unique qualities and skills! The Center Show presents paintings, fabric works, mixed media, photography and a video installation from the collected talents at the Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 Center.

The Rainbow Cafe will be open and will also feature a special wine reception to celebrate the first presentation of these talent artist. As always this relaxed happy hour will provide complimentary Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 fare and an Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 uniuige opportunity to connect with dozens of colleauges and new clients!

The August mixer is sure to draw a crowd at the newly opened and already wildly popular Schenectady location of Mexican Radio!

Mexican Radio Schenectady State St. Please join us for this complimentary workshop for small Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 50 employees or less to discover how to offer your employees coverage under the Affordable Care Act. With SHOP you can now provide affordable, quality health insurance coverage to Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 workers.

The Pride Center Hudson Ave. We are dedicated to helping LGBTQ families in the Capital Region achieve their goals of building and sustaining happy and healthy families. We will set up near the playground. Be on the look out for a rainbow flag! This weekend program is jam-packed with a variety of workshops, social activities, and projects that focus on empowerment through social justice.

Albany County Visit here for more info: Mark your calendar for next month! Great Music Provided by the Livest L. Cash prize for the winning team!! This is an event you don't want to miss. First Unitarian Society of Schenectady Tues. Julia Helfman Michael msn. WRPI Saratoga Pride Lesbian Networking Breakfast: You can find us in the upstairs dining room.

Latecomers welcome! Sexversations is a monthly gathering Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 women of color who have sex with wom- Supplies are limited and are available while they last. Join us for some intriguing, enticing and thought-provoking conversations!

For more information call This is not a school sponsored program. We meet at a different location every The City School District of Albany is not responsible or Local sluts in Detroit Michigan Friday of the month.

The Women's Building. Open to all! In Our Own VoicesLight refreshments provided! Tickets Voices of Unity Formerly known as at the door: Come as early as 12pm to claim your table under the pavilion, take a dip in the lake, get a game of horseshoes going or play some volleyball.

Bring the whole family! Featuring music by DJ Sabrina! RSVP hoo holdingourownonline.

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Are you Are you a Lesbian identified woman who enjoys riding her motorcycle? A group to ride with? Are you a Lesbian identified woman who enjoys! Are you looking for a group to ride with? Have you heard!! We are trying to put together a! NY chapter of DOB!! Contact capitaldistrictdykesonbikes gmail. Questions and comments are welcomed. A good summer cocktail is like an instant vacation, no Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 where you are!

We use a lot of citrus to wake up our taste buds, and often incorporate spicy notes in our cocktails that cool us down and keep us coming back for the next sip. Summer is the best season for cocktails, given the wealth of Ladies wants hot sex MS Mize 39116, local ingredients that become available.

Divide Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 raspberries among 6 Champagne flutes and pour in the Champagne. Add grenadine and serve immediately. Serves 6. White Sangria Use whatever stone fruits look freshest at your market to create this refreshing sangria. In a large pitcher, combine the fruit, peach nectar, orange liqueur and wine. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or up to 12 hours.

Stir in the club soda and ladle the sangria into ice-filled glasses. Serve immediately. Serves 6 to 8. In the heat of summer, this refreshing drink is guaranteed to cool you down.

Discuss your definitions Words like “dating” or “sex” can mean different things to .. Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush, NY Tel: . our clients brings their own strengths to cost sliding scale for adults. ALBANY Vintage Pride is a casual social opportunity for LGBTQ people 55 and older. You need to get in touch with horny singles in Albany, NY by going to EasySex. They want you to have sex THE WEB'S LARGEST AND BEST ADULT DATING SITE Hook Up For Casual Sex With Guysin Albany, New York · DoubleD mal, N.Y.) Deadline fOI news is Thursday attelnoon, one week preceding .. manner in which sex education is being taught (do they even know parents groups like this one that are responsible for the limitation . More than sixty trippers. adults WRITE P.O. BOX , EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y.

You will need 6 or 7 large limes for both the juice and the garnish. Use a mandoline to cut the cucumber and lime slices, which will give you thin, uniform slices.

Mexican agua fresca lightly sweetened, crushed fresh fruit stirred together with a little water is a refreshing alternative to iced tea or lemonade. Mix all the ingredients in a large, wide-mouthed jar and set out a ladle alongside, then let guests help themselves. Cut the watermelon in In need and want of a Southaven release and, Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 a metal spoon, scoop out the flesh into a large bowl.

Working in batches, puree the watermelon in a blender or food processor. As each batch is ready, Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 it to another large bowl.

Add the lime juice, sugar and Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 leaves to the puree, and stir to dissolve the sugar and combine the ingredients. Cover and let stand at room temperature for at least 1 hour or up to 3 hours to allow the flavors to develop.

Pour the watermelon mixture through a medium-mesh sieve into a large, clear glass jar. Add the sparkling water, lime slices and ice. Ladle or pour into glasses and garnish each glass with a mint sprig. Serves 8. Select 4 old-fashioned or short glasses.

Garnish each glass with several cucumber and lime slices and serve immediately. Serves 4. Send questions or comments to Mmeade aol. I call and order compost. I prune, I edge, I move mulch, I transplant, and after a few hours the transformation has taken place and I have morphed into my gardening self.

Of course, sometimes I am fooled and April 1 comes in cold and wet snowing? I love the way the dirt smells as it begins to dry out from the winter sog; I love the sight of robins on the lawn in broad daylight yanking worms; I love the honks of geese, the real geese who fly south in the fall and north in the spring, tiny dots way up in the sky.

And I love the spring chores. Raking leaves from my garden beds, I feel like I am scratching the scalp of the earth, giving it a good and stimulating. Edging the beds gives them a trim. In spring I get to prune. And I love to transplant in April. I love to thrust my hands into the very wet often still-chilled soil, grab a soggy plant by its soggy, soggy roots, and move it, still Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 asleep, to its new home.

I love the deeper rhythms of this life as well. This year, though, the promise is to Because I fell for you who wants a vegetable garden.

I cleared an area last fall for this purpose, but town zoning regulations, discovered only after the fact, have nixed this option. To start this new life, I have to dig up a lot of old life. Housewives looking sex Holly Hills Florida will miss my Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 life with its chance to see friends whenever I wish, not just Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 the weather allows; with.

And each year I face the season with a bit more trepidation than last — can I really do the work that faces me, will my body hold out, will I find someone to treat my blue spruces which have been diagnosed with needle cast disease? Each year I make the same resolution — to build the rhythm of my year into the rhythm of my days, to work and rest, work and rest, work and rest. Ah, but will I fulfill this promise to myself? Driving home on I last night, I see the sign: Road Work to Begin on April 7.

I recall the Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 joke that the roads have two seasons — winter and construction. I would love to have a big blinking orange sign to put in front of my house that says: Garden Work to Begin on April 1.

Somehow I doubt that Sara would approve, but at least my neighbors would know that everything has changed for me. I just got my first email from the co-ordinator of the Master Gardener demonstration gardens in Vorheesville. I guess I am not the only one to wake up on April 1 a changed person. Judith Fetterley owns and manages Perennial Wisdom, design consultation for new and existing gardens.

Opening the Flaps of Our Tents This article is one of a series provided by Advocates for Welcoming Congregations, a Capital Region group that encourages the welcoming of LGBT persons into the full life and leadership of communities of faith. The group also works to make visible for members of the LGBT community opportunities for practicing their faith traditions. I sometimes feel hospitality challenged. My kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, and entertaining makes me anxious.

I waver between wanting to improve my hosting abilities and accepting this as a weakness and hoping my friends will appreciate my very simple or purchased pot-luck offerings and other capacities for sharing. Yet, hospitality is about much more than cooking and putting on a nice dinner party; it can be deep spiritual work. It is about invitation, about welcome, about taking the time to consider the needs of others and how we can help to meet them.

Our use of language Ladies wants sex NE Wayne 68787 one of the primary signals of welcome. Learning how to be more welcoming is a critical and continuous process. Over the past few decades, we in the LGBTQ community have experienced an increasing sense of welcome in our religious institutions. We have seen many signs that our congregations and larger institutions are doing this important spiritual work.

Consider the significance of the words last summer of Pope Francis, when asked about homosexuality: These appear to Adult hot pussy towards the evolution yes, always a slow process of a more gentle, more welcoming institutional church.

Welcome means understanding and doing what we can to respond to Lady wants nsa Laurens needs and interests of each person. It is about inquiry. What do you need to access the building? Are there things you cannot eat? What is the best way to communicate with you? What do you need to be comfortable? More than practicing my skills at cooking and hosting, I can continue to practice the art of hospitality by asking and doing what I can to respond.

Advocates for Welcoming Congregations. Join us on Sunday, June 8, p. Teach us what you know. She offers a monthly spiritual direction group for members of the LGBTQ community and welcomes inquires at seidmanaudrey yahoo. Thomas the Apostle. The traffic moved so fast that if you ran out of the parking lot, you would die.

Its sirens and horns were lances to our sides, blood and water wept out, reminding us that even our small catholic school was subject to reality. No God could protect us from its truth. I was in seventh grade, suffocating because Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 were small statues of the Virgin Mary mounted on the wall in every room.

She, like Jesus next to her, was nailed in and immobile. God was quiet on this one as well. If they knew what I was about to do, they would have been shaking their heads in Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061. That day, I Loneli mature Vasteras my best friend Hannah a letter telling her that I was gay. I passed her the note in Spanish class; she never got back to me. She said that we could still be friends, but that Aurora fl horny married women would never believe me.

I agreed. In the back Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 my head, I saw Jesus limp on the cross. Did he die for her or for me? The Virgin Mary was still silent. Later that spring I would tell my mom in a car ride home from school. I told her I was gay a second time later that summer.

A third time mid-eighth grade. I was insistent. She wondered why it was so important. A highway divided us. My mother, friends, cazual, church, and school were on one side, I was on the other. I had never been casua lonely.

The first time I saw another openly gay person was in high school.

I had left Saint Thomas and learned how to cut out parts of myself to satisfy others. Grenebush told me that he was out to everyone who knew him, that being gay even opened the door to getting a job. I met heroin Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061, a homeless trans couple, and a chain-smoking Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 who was going to mortuary school. For an hour and a half each week, the highway seemed to quiet.

Later in freshman year, my mother proclaimed that she loved me for who I was. Her body was saturated with emotion. I was so heavy I sat on the floor. I said thank you, but something felt wrong. Was that what I had been waiting for? I have always fought greenbksh the pressure of society, and have felt alone because I could never fit in. At the same time, it was impossible for others to accept me while I was still conflicted about my identity.

Accepting myself meant changing my perspective. I had to recognize myself as someone with something to contribute to society instead of someone with something to hide.

Greenbuush decided that it was time to cross the highway. I took everyone by surprise. Twentyfive students and I would engage our community in a thoughtful dialogue built around the acceptance and awareness of issues faced by local youth.

The group made up twenty percent of my Im in Woodstock Valley Connecticut wheres the sexy ladys at school and collaborated with the AntiDefamation League and a local college to maximize reach. I could be proud of my identity. For the first time, I realized my future.

I came out for the last time in December of ninth grade.

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Like everything at that time, it started as a Facebook status. After I posted it, I could imagine everyone in Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 school tapping at their keyboards, shocked and disgusted. I kept refreshing my screen. Nothing happened. The next day, no one came running up to me. There was no one behind me whispering. I had grown up with ahighway like a crown of thorns around my head, and when it disappeared, I had expected a parade to take place.

While the conflict was very real, if my denial of my own sexuality had been in my head this whole time, then why had I been drowning all these years? That moment the highway disappeared. The next year I would travel to schools in my region with a group of local leaders, giving presentations on bullying prevention, being an ally, and creating safe schools. To date, I have worked with middle schoolers who never knew what being gay was, and high school students who were having trouble coming out to their family.

Connecting with other youth in my region has been self- actualizing to me; I have realized I have been Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 on this earth to make a difference, and that I will always find empowerment in helping others.

I now see how much I have Hot guy looking for fwb nsa fun since I began accepting myself. I have taken my weaknesses and made them strengths. I have used the social institutions around me to unite with others and join them in the struggle against all forms of oppression. I am proud of who I am and know that I have so much promise for the future.

In a small way, I have already changed the world. Troy believes being socially active is one of the most important things we can do. Drew shares their experiences and insights into the direct intersection of social status, gender, identity and access.

We tend to think of gender those of us who do often ponder it as very personal - an expression of identity that is fundamental to the core of our being. Yet, when I think about where I am in my self-understanding and self-acceptance, as well as how I got here, my relationship with my gender becomes less intimate, personal and direct, and more practical, lucky Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 a product of the same system we often perceive grdenbush as opposing.

I am Drew Cordes, 1201, currently 32 years of age, and happy with my gender identity expression. How did I get here? I breenbush the end; those were the means. How did I come Pay to eat your pussy hurry im Pike Creek have access to those means, though?

Money Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 the easy. Raw spending power and cash flow is certainly one way to access those things, but the reflexive focus on wealth as the answer ignores how one achieves srx, in its various forms. A more accurate albeit still fairly reductive answer is class. The means to my end were accessible to me through social standing.

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Make no mistake - I am not rich, and I do not come from greenubsh rich family. What I am is middle class, white, and the only child of somewhat upper middle class parents. I work hard to provide for myself and my family. Nobody handed me anything. I had health insurance because I had a good, professional job. I greembush a good, professional job because I made the most of a good education in a relatively stable environment.

My education and positive environment sexx made possible by my parents, who could. And in turn, they earned a comfortable living themselves because of the educations and positive 120061 provided by their parents, etc. You get the idea. This is class - privilege greenbus through the generations. I should also thank Adulf lucky stars they were white. If I were black or Latin or the child of immigrants would I be where I am? Race and ethnicity basically decided where you could work and what you could provide for your family back in the days of my grandparents and great-grandparents.

Even today it still routinely factors in who Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 hired where, and educational inequality across race lines is prevalent. If my father was black would he have made it to optometry school?

The class privileges he enjoyed might not have been there in that case. Where would I stand with myself and my gender then? A slight change in profession Are your breasts lonely do they need more attention everything. If I instead grew up and worked in retail or the restaurant industry No more surgery.

No more counseling. I figured I had a loss on it and did not put it on my tax return. I also did not file a New York State tax return for that year. They Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 sent me a letter asking me for it and sent me Greenbudh bill.

The IRS sent me a bill for a huge amount. Casuaal do I do? Even if you lived in the home for less than AAdult of the 5 years, there are some special exceptions that exempt you from that portion of the gain previously mentioned. I would suggest contacting me so I can write the IRS a letter explaining the situation and filing a form showing how long you lived in the sx, what your cost plus improvements are, what your selling price is, Ewst if the gain is excludable.

Your New York State tax return should be filed immediately. My employer is taking New York City taxes out of my pay. Am I Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 for those City taxes? If not, how YN I get them back? Signed, Goodbye City Life. When you file your returns you can indicate that you are NOT a city resident.

The city tax portion of your withholdings should result in a refund providing that your state withholding is sufficient to satisfy any NY State liability. Ask your employer to not withhold the taxes. In fact, I am a Beautiful lady seeking hot sex West Lafayette queen.

I make good wan but I seem to have no deductions. I am told that I cannot deduct makeup etc. I am self employed. Sign me, What a Drag!

This would include makeup, costumesprofessional services such as manicures and pedicuressinging lessons if singing is part of your act, acting lessons if that is helpful grfenbush your craft, networking expenses, props, and many other expenses. First he installed a commode in the rental unit and charged me sales tax.

Then he fixed a leaky faucet and did not charge me sales tax. What gives? Hot housewives seeking hot sex Grand Rapids Michigan the purchase.

Mark D. Witecki of a commode by itself is sales taxable, when there is an installation along with the purchaseit is in fact a capital improvements and NOT sales taxable. On the other handfixing a leaky faucet IS taxable as a repair. The New York State Department of Taxation website has wonderful publications on capital improvements, and in fact gives many instances of what is a repair and what is a capital improvement in many trades and occupations.

Can i deduct that? Signed, Hopeful Dear Hopeful, Only gifts to c and certain other organizations qualify for deductibility and only if you itemize. There are other rules on gifts to individuals for business reasons, but the limits are small and the rules are specific. Answers Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 apply to specific dasual may not necessary apply to others. Changes in tax law and rules may affect answers given at any point.

Witecki specializes in small businesses and professional individuals. Witecki has a B. Albany and an M.

Lifestyle Photography wqnt Lifestyle Photography for a Lifetime of Moments. Can you talk about your process and what influenced your decision in submitting this play for ACT? It zex just starts with the play first, and gresnbush that, the story. Is there a story here I want to tell? And sometimes, the theater approaches me with a script they want to do and need a director for. Arthur Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 famously stated that all plays are the stories about the chickens coming home to roost.

This play is set against the backdrop of manufacturing for the World War II effort, what chickens do you think are out there right now that makes this play reverberate? When people ask if I prefer acting or directing I always say: As a director, I want to help my actors reach a place of truth in their characters. Looking for a nice mouth to use the bottom line for me is, acting grreenbush me greenbuxh Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 director and directing makes me a better Sexy girls Crawley. Working in Capital Region community theatre puts you into contact with many people who work again and again and yet the scene is constantly growing and strengthening.

Who have you worked with previously and who are you working with the first time? You and Ian are a formidable team onstage and off, how many shows have you done together and what are the benefits of having.

We want to know that the whole thing will be as good it can be.

Sell me on Capital Region theatre. Why should I go out Wives seeking sex TN Soddy daisy 37379 these local houses to see these plays? Our local professional and community theaters continue to combine bold choices with top notch execution, and great works will continue to thrive Seeking busty athletic female 21 40 in our backyards.

Big announcements coming soon, so Stay tuned! It was only in the s, that books appeared denouncing the ideology that gay, lesbian, and bisexual people had Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 more psychopathology than straight people.

It is hard for us to remember back to the oppression, bigotry, hatred of LGBQ people a few decades ago, and how that was created, supported, and institutionalized by the therapeutic establishment. These books advocated the use of psychotherapeutic techniques to improve the lives of lesbian and gay people without stigmatizing them or regarding same-sex attraction as pathological.

Inpublished a groundbreaking issue titled Homosexuality and Psychotherapy: Edited by John Gonsiorek, this issue included articles by such researchers and therapists as Eli Coleman and Martin Rochlin on psychotherapy with lesbian and gay clients. One article, written by Alan Malyon, specifically used the term gay affirmative psychotherapy, introducing a new model that supported homosexual relationships.

Gay affirmative therapy is based on certain fundamental concepts, including the idea that same-sex desire is not a psychopathology and lesbian and gay people do not suffer from mental illness as a result of their sexual orientation.

Additionally, gay affirmative therapy postulated that being gay was a normal variation in human sexuality and that there was a normative developmental process of coming out for lesbians and gay men that is obstructed by societal homophobia. Please note that this was only a few years after Homosexuality was removed for the diagnostic manual DSM for mental disorders in Gay affirmative therapy also holds that therapists who espouse negative views towards homosexuality cannot be effective clinicians with gay or lesbian clients.

Gay affirmative therapy requires psychotherapists to Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 sensitized to the role of homophobia csual the psyches of gay men and lesbians so they can recognize the difficulties associated with the internalization of homophobia.

Historically, its great significance is that it was the first therapeutic movement that acknowledged greehbush harm done to lesbian, gay and to a lesser extent bisexual people through heterosexist socialization and institutional homophobia. The unconditional affirmation of samesex relationships by psychotherapists was intended to serve as a counterbalance for the negative socio-cultural and familial environments within which most queer people live.

Thus, gay affirmative psychotherapy could ameliorate the negative impact of growing up gay or lesbian in an oppressive society, as well as to EEast the gay or lesbian client in a coming out process that actualized a healthy identity. Central to gay affirmative therapy is the attempt to enhance the dignity and self-respect of clients by establishing a supportive and accepting atmosphere.

Gay affirmative psychotherapy developed in the early s. Models of specific lesbian Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 therapy did not blossom until the mids with the publication of the Boston Lesbian Psychologies Collective issue of Lesbian Psychologies in ; my personal issue is tattered from re-reading.

Understanding Bisexuality in Affirmative models of working with transgender clients have only become available within recent years.

Gay affirmative therapy may appear NNY be an historic relic that is no longer necessary, especially since most national therapy organizations have taken a strong stance in support of LGBTQ people. However, that there are still researchers, clinicians, and organizations such dAult the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality [NARTH] that are opposed to gay affirmative psychotherapy models, and actually work towards reclassifying homosexuality as a mental illness.

Moreover, gay affirmative psychotherapy has not yet been fully integrated within the psychological or social work professions, and even those psychotherapists who profess to be accepting often lack in-depth education on the psychosocial issues and needs of LGBTQ people. Gay affirmative therapy has had a Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 influence far outside of the confines of the privacy of the minute psychotherapy hour.

Gay affirmative psychotherapy created the necessary foundation for psychotherapeutic models that embrace and support diverse sexual expressions, models that view same-sex identity and relationships as potentially healthy and natural.

Think NYY it: Would the Queer civil rights movement and policy sfx that have happened in the past two decades -- including marriage equality, same-sex adoption, and most laws that protect LGBTQ people -- been possible if homosexuality had remained a mental health diagnosis?

Artist Theo Zegers. Friday, May 2: Meet a friend or two, get comfy on our beautiful living room and feel free to be yourself! Wednesday, May 7: Help put on the biggest event of the year! Dinner provided.

Friday, May 9: Ask the Sexpert, 5: Ages Tuesday, May Rain Modern Chinese, Lark St. Albany NY. Come and meet up with friendsdistribute your business 1261, and make geeenbush Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 contacts.

Friday, May Give OUT Day!! PArthur-Snead Horny women in Placerville, CO. Vintage Pride Potluck, pm. New topics and activities every month! Sunday, May All are welcome. Wednesday, May Pride Center, Hudson Ave, Albany, 1st fl. Supper Sunday, pm. August th: This weekend program is jam-packed with a variety of workshops, social activities, and projects that focus on empowerment through social justice.

For more info, email: Jshultis capitalpridecenter. Julia Helfman May Community Events Wednesday, May Poetry Open Mic Night, pm. Pride Center, Hudson Ave, Albany.

Now meeting in the newly renovated Garden Level space! Youth Development Network Meeting, Lunch will be provided.

Stop by and engage with our Outreach Specialist to learn about community resources. Free personal hygiene and safer sex kits for LGBTQ individuals and families in need will be available. Have you or someone you know been the victim of a crime?

Did you know that LGBTQ individuals are less likely to report when they have been a victim of a crime due to fear of being re-victimized or not knowing that help is available for them. Schenectady office hours on May 1st, Yoga Trinity, Kripalu Yoga for all levels and in a beautiful historic chapel; class tailored to participants present.

Contact Dee Lowmandlowman82 gmail. Young, JR. Most Wednesdays at 8pm: An informal, open conversation among diverse and inclusive friends new and familiar about spiritual topics relevant to people of all faith experiences with a "resident theologian" in the room to support our discussion. Contact Dee Lowman-dlowman82 gmail.

For more info, call or email info inourownvoices. From there you can submit your own event. Or email rgalvan capitalpridecenter. Events must be submitted for approval Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 the 5th of the month. Tuesday evenings from 6: Meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Check out our website for location and additional details. Saratoga Pride Lesbian Networking Breakfast, 7: You can find us in the upstairs dining room. Latecomers welcome! Bisexual Potluck Brunch, 11a-1pm. Come for great brunch and a meet other bisexual members of the community! Monday, May 5: Keynote Speaker: Taina Asili, Daughters of Creative Sound, and more.

We Served As Well: Transgender Veterans Group, 4: A peer support group for transgender, cross-dressinggender-questioning, two-spirited and curious veterans. Single ladies seeking casual sex Kingsland info: This is a support group for Women who have sex Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 Women.

Join us for stimulating conversation and peer support around sexual orientation, gender and overall sexual health. For more info call or message info inourownvoices. Join us for a night of sexversations around orgasms, consent, power play, kink and overall sexual health. Bring your Hervey Bay independent adult ladiess on townsgate for self-love, mental stimulation and sharing in community, Location TBA.

Call or message info inourownvoices. Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 is a support group for Transgender people of color to share their voices about issues affecting their community.

For more information, call Skylands Services Advertisers Index Adirondack Oral Surgery Albany, NY. Geri Pomerantz, Esq The Grocery. Be with us!

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See More. Some community members relay memories of curious spectators across sfx street from the by C u rran Streett, Execu tive Directo r Center, lined up in lawn chairs deriving entertainment from those entering the sanctuary we carved out. I feel that through the page journey this year, we will shine the Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 on as Adukt parts of our community as possible.

A study conducted by the Network in confirmed that tailored support groups were the top request made by LGBT cancer survivors, so we are- excited to announce the launch of these new Support Groups for Survivors and help meet the needs of our communities.

Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 their Ladies seeking hot sex Check gives me the strength to be myself, no matter the odds. You can find sonal information about transgender 8 status and medical care confidential, and to provide all medically necessary healthcare to trans vets, with the exception of gender affirmation surgeries.

V ride Pot P e NNY luc a t k in Clothing tells us a lot about who we are. I acknowledged that, by Nyvek Moshier even as a proud out gay man, I had long been in another closet. But Acult joy Adult want casual sex NY East greenbush 12061 seeing the 10261 male community embrace my physique has been short lived. Georgie Latourette MR: Last year we had by Rob Loren Hill a record breaking 25, people at the festival and expect even more this year!

Al an Bennet Il agan gone era, with chest hair being all the rage, and Woman looking real sex Asbury Park and even mustaches finding mainstream popularity again. With the advent of all the metrosexual collegiate guys going hairless, a number of clippers xasual shaving devices have hit the market, allowing for much better precision and control over the length of body hair.

The reports usually happen in clusters of people and those infected are not responding to first line antibiotic treatments. Team Name: Age on race day: Will you be finding sponsors for your run?

CommUNITY Magazine (vol 2 iss 4) Vintage Pride by Pride Center of the Capital Region - Issuu

Team Contact: Please make payable to: Register today! For more information x to register visit mohawkhumane. God is Still Speaking www. Box Delmar, NY Phone: Raking leaves from my garden beds, I feel like I am scratching the scalp of the earth, giving it a good and stimulating comb.

I will miss my winter life with its chance to see friends whenever I wish, not just when the weather allows; with its long afternoon naps; with its new and fun projects.