Rocky Reach Trail
Complete The Loop Coalition

Updated 11/12/2013


WE NEED $300,000+ to build Phase 2


  • Red represents actual funds received


  • Shades of pink represent matching grants




The Complete the Loop Coalition wishes to thank the following generous donors:

(updated 7/10/2014)

$100,000 Matching Grants
Wenatchee Valley Medical Center has pledged up to $100,000 as a matching grant to match $1 for every $1 contributed by employees and retirees of Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, Confluence Health, and Central Washington Hospital.



FRANCIS COLLINS                     In memory of Michael and Liam Collins

KATHLEEN ARNEIL - In Memory of Jim Arneil







$5000 - $9,999

Bart and Sheila Clennon             In Memory of Mackenzie Clennon
Judy S. Conner                         In honor of Irv Conner, a man who loved the River

McQuiag Jubilee Donor Advised Fund

David M. Jaecks

Doug and Katie Pauly
Dalton Thomas

Fred and Jane Van Sickle

$2000 - $4,999

Jerry and Wanda Billingsley

Richard and Dolly Buckingham

Community Foundation of NCW

Cordell, Neher, & Company, PLLC

Cycle Central

Davis Arneil Law Firm LLP

Dovex Fruit

Goodfellow Brothers, Inc.
Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S.

Steven and Jan Lutz

McDougall & Sons, Inc 

Chris and Robin O'Hearn
Peter and Karen Rutherford
Stemilt Growers
Carl and Sharon Van Doren
$500 - $1,999
John and Rose Applegate
Randy and Cici Asplund
Paul and Sue Ballinger
Ronald and Claudia Balzer
Biosports Physical Therapy
John T. Brandt
Gro Buer and Bruce Williams 
Peter Burgoon and Judith Lurie
Chelan Fresh Marketing 
Jeffery and Karen Clarke 
Community Foundation of NC        Jerry and Barbara Gibbons endowmen
Community Foundation of NCW         Stahler Family Fund 
Crunch Pak LLC
Rich Congdon
Douglas Eisert and Myra Hoane
Edward Farrar
Flynn Packaging, Inc.
Paul Furmanczyk and Emilka Kielanska
Byron and Lisa Gatlin
Jay and Mary Gibbons
William E. and Julia Gotthold
Tom Halgren 

Michael Hammer

Mel and Marcia Henkle

Charles Hickenbottom

Garfield Jeffers

Fred and Joyce Johnson

Lacey Kane, P.S.
Dan Kelly

Karen and Stewart Kerr

Carl and Helen Kjobech

Randy and Jean Knox
Karen Kornher
Shaun Koos
Gregory and Susan Lair
Gary Lammert
Judy Marsalis
Robert Mast
Bob and Cleta Mathison
West and Courtney Mathison
John and Jean McArthur
Connie McCauley                            In Memory of Terry McCauley
Marjorie Miller
Daniel Morasch
Charles Mosher
Walter and Caitlin Newman
David Notter
Eric Olson Family 
Bonnie Orr
Richard and Diane Ottose             In Memory of Dr. Terry Grubb
Bob and Linda Parlette                    In Memory of Dr. Gordon Congdon, Wenatchee's Trailblazer
Ryan Peterson
Kevin and Suzanne Pitts
Premier One Properties
Tom Ross
Mark and Rosemary Shipman
Louise Simons
Stephen Skylstad
Mike Sorensen and Marilyn Hedges
Stahler Family Fund
The Good Life
Teddriven/Lynda Finegold                 In Memory of Ted Finegold
Earl and Barbara Tilly   
Ed and Barbara Tuggle
Henri and Judith Van Someren Greve
Ryan and Tennille Vickery
Wenatchee Emergency Physicians, P.C.
Wenatchee Valley Medical Center 
Woods & Brangwin, PLLC
Wilfred R. and Kathleen K. Woods      In Memory of Rufus Woods and Kirby Billingsley
Phil and Bonnie Yenney
$250 - $449
David and Cheri Allen
Sharon and Brad Babst
Virginia and Jerry Baird
Joel Banken
Kelly and Carey Boreson
Carolyn and Bob Bugert
Mark Broberg
James and Lynn Brown
Steve Clem and Julie McAllister
Columbia Pediatrics, P.S.
Max and Donna Costner
Craig Garver
Larry and Jolene Gosselin-Campbell
Dunkin Hagopian, PC

Ken Heinle and Kris Cameron

Corinne M. Hannon

Brad Huddle

Steven R. Jacobs
Steve and Kaun Knox
William D. and Susan Layman

Juliette Leshik

Lee and Sara Lippert

Kristine Loomis                                   In Memory of Irv Conner

Grace Lynch                                      In Memory of Mayor Jim Lynch
Kurt Mack and Carol Wardell
Karen Madison
Brad Miller and Lisa Parlette Miller
Peggi Moxley
Richard and Diane Ottosen                                        
Hugh and Torill Owen
Jorge and Lore Sanchez
Michael Shannon
Ron and Lisa Skagen
Rothella Skagen
Garry and Patti Sparks
Gil and Kay Sparks
Weber Family Donor Advised Fund 
Stephen Wright
Rick and Maureen Woodward
Mary E. and Zachary A. Zornes
$100 - $249

Susan Beaty

Russell and Cordy Beckstead

Norm Beier
Jackie Beining
Thomas Bellamy
Kathleen and Jeffrey Bodmer
John M Brangwin
Kati Buckingham and David Zimmerman
Rachael Buckingham
Robert Carter
Cascade Engineering, Inc
Chrisine A. Clausen
Greg and Jill Cleavenger
Ann Congdon
Carol and Michael Conger                 In Memory of Terry McCauley
Michael and Mary Cook
Al and Millie Cordell
Jennifer Cravens
Bradi Dahmen
Janet and Andrew Dappen
Robert L. Derry

Tamara Dezellem

Richard and Daniela Dickson
Curt Epperson

Richard and Sharon Erickson

Mary Michele Fleming
Patricia Frigard
John and Joanne Gardner
Gerald and Virgilee Garrett
Jean Garrity
Robin Gaukroger
Gellatly Agency Inc.
Michael Gnagy
Steven and Irene Godfrey
Karla Gorham
Corinne Hannon
Sabine Harm
Roger and Kathy Harris
Brad and Shawna Hawkins
Neal Hedges
Ray Heit
H. C. Hohnstein
James and Alma Holcomb
Eric Jaecks and Ivy Suzuki-Jaecks
Betty Jenkins

Carrie Jordan

Virginia and Craig Kellogg

Mary Kintner
Mike and Tammy Kintner
William Knight
Christina Kolk
Byron Lee
Phillip E. Linden
Cheryl Lopez
Jan Magnussen
Kristine Mathison
Charles L. and Ruth Mason
Chad McBride and Brooke Page
Evan and Petra McCauley
Scott and Margaret McManus              In Memory of Nana Simone
Tom and Mary Ann McNair
Pamela Morris
Richard Murphy and Pearl Wolfe
Leon Neal
Northwest Geodimensions
Rosemary O'Connell
Chris O'Hearn
Overcast Law Offices, PS
Bob Parlette                                      In Memory of Terry McCauley
Carl Parlette                                      In Memory of Althea H. Parlette
Dean and Donna Parsons
John Perry

John Peterson

Susan Pheasant                                  In Memory of Nana Simone

Jeanne Pusey
Christine Rader
Gary Riesen
Daniel Rothrock
Safar Law Offices, P.S.
Donald and Cindy Sangster
Wyatt and Kathi Scheibner
Maureen Schmaltz
Robert Scott, Jr
Russell and Jean Speidel
Sport Development and Education NFP
Catherine Straub
David and Angela Visser
Ron and Kathy Ward
Rodney Wells
Dave and Karen Wiggum
Kenneth and Radene Winkleman
John Yount
Martha Yount
$1 - $99

Bell Law Firm

Joe Black
Nancy Borg

Nathan and Jesin Cacka

Ken and Jeanell Climer
Thomas Cross
Arden and Donna Detering
Donald Enright
Jenny Fasching
Bill and Sue Fraser
Glen and Sue Frese
Elly Gellatly                                In Memory of Irv Conner
Arlene Hohisel
Eric and Pete Jacobson
Allen G. and Nancy S. Johnson
Kim Johnson
Steve Johnson
D. Gail Jordan
Debbie Kelly
Amy Kerker
Joel Lhamon
Danielle Marchant
Richard Miles
Lee and Anna Milner
Michael and Danielle Nicholson
Theodore O'Donnell
Andy Parlette
Tim and Renee Patton
Chelan Pauly
Skye Pauly
Lindsey A. Paxton
Mark and Kathleen Peterson
Mike and Kay Phillips
Devin Poulson
Steve and Pat Raymond
Patty Ruetz
Elizabeth Saunders
Patty Stanford
Larry Scharps
Jim Schulz
Douglas J. Shae
Robert and Julie Siderius
Philip and Jessica Simons
Steve Smith
Teresa Summers
Amon and Diana Vickery
R. J. Wallis
William Wattling
Steve Webster
Barbara Wilson                               In Memory of Charlie Wilson
Lawrence Witt
Tim and Karen Zanol